Soundcore Liberty Air Not Pairing On Android 10

Also posted this on r/Anker and was recommended to post here as well:

Recently, I upgraded to Android 10, Security patch level Sept 5, 2019, on my Google Pixel XL. My Soundcore Liberty Air won’t connect to my device anymore. I’ve tried the reset procedures, for the serial number in case type, by Anker. However, the Soundcore Liberty Air is still unable to be detected during the pairing phase. The right earbud will flash white, indicating that it is trying to pair, but it seems like Android 10 won’t detect it.

I also know that Android 10 seems to be the issue because the Soundcore Liberty Air still connects to my laptop and a Samsung S10e on Android 9. However, my Roav FM transmitter seems to still connect, which is odd that one product works and the other doesn’t. Edit: Roav FM transmitter doesn’t connect anymore

Is there a fix for this? Can I expect Anker to release a software fix for the Soundcore Liberty Air? Or am I just SOL? How would a software fix even work for the Soundcore Liberty Air?


My soundcore liberty air connect to me phone great.

I would recommend trying a reset on your Liberty air.

There are two methods, try them both.

method one

method two

Let me know if that works!

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Aside from what TechMan said, if you google “android 10 bluetooth not working” it seems that this is an OS issue that may affect all bluetooth and not just ur soundcore device. One of their fixes may help you.

to to reset both devices

Disable NFC by going to Bluetooth, connection preference, and just turn it off.
I just did this and seems like it’s working so far.
Another thing I did was to clear the cache on Google play but not sure if it’s related.

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