Soundcore Liberty Air X showed up on FCC

Don’t know anything else about this???
@Insider you have anything about this?

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Sounds funky tbh. Don’t really know what to expect…

Same model no as the Liberty Air 1st gen, perhaps an upgraded / redux version with USB-C charging?

On the label it mentions about aptX… Hopefully this one does have aptX :slight_smile:

Following past ‘upgraded’ models, it would make sense…

A bunch of the new earbuds soundcore sell support aptX

I know that…
A bunch of earphones/headphones Anker sold prior to Liberty Air also had aptX
eg. Curve, Spirit Pro, Vortex
But something happened during a phase when none had aptX (eg. Liberty air, Zolo Liberty, Space NC, Life 2, etc.)
Looks like its coming back (Liberty 2 Pro, Liberty Air 2) :wink:

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Huh, that’s weird.

I believe it has something to do with extra licensing fee to use the aptX codec.
Many times the audio processor has the hardware to support but since the customer is not paying for codec they disable it…
Qualcomm (parent company) owns this codec and thus only CSR chips can use this.

I’ve noted in the past that the first gen Zolo Liberty does has CSR chip fully capable to support aptX, the actual device doesn’t (they disabled it :frowning:)

new model of a new model! :wink:

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Quite possibly, a one-month lifespan product! :crazy_face:

Ugh, what is Soundcore doing with all these different models?

Why do we need so many versions of Liberty Air?

Looks like minor changes to the first generation to me (USB-C, aptX), but only time will tell…

I agree with the “Ugh” on so many models. Just makes it confusing - FOCUS, Soundcore. Build a few quality products and you’ll have a lot more loving fans. If there’s a v2 out already why release an update to v1 when you could be putting all your energy into making v2 great.


Too many products in the pipe with possibly very minimal improvement.

“I just got the brand-spanking new Product Of All Products!”

…but no, wait…a new and improved version just been released!


Kinda curious what shape this will be. Will they be shaped like liberty air, or like spirit X2? So interesting…