Soundcore Liberty Pro 2 Call quality

I got my Liberty Pro 2 yesterday and was stoked when I realized how amazing they sound (especially compared to the AirPods I’ve used lately). They sound and feel fantastic. But wow…totally deflated the second I placed a call. The voice quality is unimpressive. Is there a way to improve it? It sounds hollow and tiny to the person on the other end (in addition, it tends to cut out often). I tested a voice memo using them and yeah, my friends weren’t kidding. Has anyone else had a similar experience or is there a way to improve it?

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As with any issues, try a fresh deleting of the bluetooth profile. Restart your phone, reset the earbuds and then try repairing it to your phone and see if that helps

I used my left Liberty 2 Pro earbud connected to my PC on a couple of Skype calls and a MS Team call today. There were no issues hearing others on the call. And others on the calls had no problems hearing me.

I have not made a call with my phone yet, nor listened while someone else used my earbuds.

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I received my Liberty 2 Pro order this morning. Audio quality is excellent. Very pleased so far. I have a transcontinental flight tomorrow so I will get plenty of time to sample a lot of music and “bond” with them!

I found the call quality to be very good. No problems like what was mentioned above.


Are Bluetooth buds allowed on airplanes?

Yes. I’ve been using then during flights since I bought my first set about two years ago. Never had a problem or been told bluetooth was an issue.

Never had a problem when I flew. And trust me, I did a lot of flying!! I wouldn’t have survived without my Bluetooth earbuds!!

I’ve been using them non-stop since I received them yesterday, calls and audio; both are astonishing! But, I’ll focus on the call quality.

One thing to keep in-mind, the audio you receive heavily depends on the other user’s equipment (obviously). When I was running tests with my brother, he sounded muffled and quiet. He switched to his phone, I could hear him loud and crystal clear.

With that being said, I’ve been in the market for a good pair of noise canceling headphones (specifically for calls/noisy backgrounds) since LG’s Tone HBS-800’s. These deliver. I work in headend environments with a ton of white noise from the equipment, and everyone I was on a call with didn’t hear a bit of it! If the noise is too loud, the microphone drops the input dB which means I need to talk louder/yell (depending on how loud the noise is), but I’m not making everyone on the other end deaf.

I’m used to using my car’s microphone for phone conferences and having to speak on the louder end, and now people are asking why I’m yelling! It’s amazing. Best purchase I’ve made this month.

With all of that being said, maybe you got a defective pair? I would try it with a friend’s phone first to eliminate your hardware as an issue, and then get in touch with Anker.

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The real question is how you sound to them. How they sound to you is limited by their hardware.

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Well, I run Cube ACR on my phone since I’m always on conference calls and can’t possibly catch everything that we cover (I’m only human) but I sound crystal clear as well. As stated before, once I’m in an extremely noisy environment I have to talk a bit louder, otherwise I sound muffled as the microphone struggles to pick up my voice.

With that being said, I was sitting directly behind the fans on the E6000 (probably a good 85-90dB under load) and I was crystal clear IF I was talking loud enough. When I was talking at a normal volume, I sounded muffled and distant, like I was on speaker talking 5 feet away from the phone. Even directly behind the equipment, I could only hear little whisps of wind (as if I was slightly breathing into the microphone).

It’s only been 2 days of use. I have many more tests to perform.

No matter what, and no matter what microphone you use, if there’s wind or loud noise, you will hear muffled noises on the other end. It’s just how microphones work.

Thank you for the lesson, but I am aware of how microphones work. I don’t think you’re fully understanding what I was explaining, or perhaps I should have added more detail.

Most microphones that I have tried out over the last 4 years or so will pick-up that background noise, and transfer it to the user on the receiving end. These don’t. Let me try and give you a visual.

Generic microphone:
Receives all audio input within -45dB
Background noise is at 60dB
Your voice is at 50dB
The microphone will pick up the background noise with your voice, and the background noise will be louder than you are. You’re still heard on the other end, but the background noise is competing with your voice. Let’s put it like this. Your voice is still crystal clear, but the background noise is crystal clear as well. For a perfect example, take my Sony WH-1000XM3’s. I am crystal clear on my phone calls, but so is the buss 1 block down the road.

Liberty Pro 2 microphone:
Adjusts microphone input between (let’s say 30dB+/-)
Background noise is at 60dB
Your voice is at 50dB
The LP2 will recognize the background noise, and drop the input from -45dB to -55dB. With the sensitivity turned down, you would have to speak louder, or be closer to the microphone, but it does not pick up the background noise due to this. If, however, the background noise would still be picked up, it seems like there’s software involved that tries to block the noise, thus creating a muffled transmission of your voice.

I hope this is a better explanation for you.

I have a similar issue sound quality is perfectly fine on mine but when it comes to call quality I’m always told I cant be heard or sound muffled. Have tried a factory reset to see how that works out but if things don’t improve will have to exchange for a new pair to see if that helps

If you are using an iphone, make sure your phone calls are being routed to the headphones and not your phone

Yeah, if you have your phone out it will automatically go through the phone microphone

Having owned the Liberty Air 2, not same product obviously but I had an issue where my microphone would randomly mute itself and I couldn’t figure out why until a member here suggested to turn off the in-app feature “auto pause” when you take your earbuds out of your ear. I don’t care for this feature as I am okay with double tapping to pause my music. So far I’ve been on a Snapchat call for 3 hours with it not muting once on me so I am strongly believing that was the issue with mine. Maybe test that for yourself? Otherwise my call quality to two different friends said it was good/great enough. I haven’t tested it outside in windy/noisy conditions yet.

@Andre_Nguyen glad my suggestion to turn off auto pause has so far helped you out

I will look into the auto pause setting to see if that makes a difference. I am currently using them with a Samsung S8 not sure if anyone has come acrosss anything Andorid specific.

Hi @Lf1ect

I believe I’m also having the same issue with the mic automatically muting during calls. I also own a Samsung s8. I’ll also be turning the auto pause setting off to see if that fixes the problem. I’ve emailed support to find out if they’re aware of this issue and if so what is being done.

Great earbuds otherwise!

Soundcore support sent across a firmware fix. Unfortunately the problem still persists. They are going to exchange the earbuds for a new pair as they suspect it may be a defective unit.

Hope it works as I find these are great earbuds provided this unprompted muting issue gets fixed.