Soundcore Liberty Pro 2 Call quality

I got my Liberty Pro 2 yesterday and was stoked when I realized how amazing they sound (especially compared to the AirPods I’ve used lately). They sound and feel fantastic. But wow…totally deflated the second I placed a call. The voice quality is unimpressive. Is there a way to improve it? It sounds hollow and tiny to the person on the other end (in addition, it tends to cut out often). I tested a voice memo using them and yeah, my friends weren’t kidding. Has anyone else had a similar experience or is there a way to improve it?

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As with any issues, try a fresh deleting of the bluetooth profile. Restart your phone, reset the earbuds and then try repairing it to your phone and see if that helps

I used my left Liberty 2 Pro earbud connected to my PC on a couple of Skype calls and a MS Team call today. There were no issues hearing others on the call. And others on the calls had no problems hearing me.

I have not made a call with my phone yet, nor listened while someone else used my earbuds.

I received my Liberty 2 Pro order this morning. Audio quality is excellent. Very pleased so far. I have a transcontinental flight tomorrow so I will get plenty of time to sample a lot of music and “bond” with them!

I found the call quality to be very good. No problems like what was mentioned above.

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Are Bluetooth buds allowed on airplanes?

Yes. I’ve been using then during flights since I bought my first set about two years ago. Never had a problem or been told bluetooth was an issue.

Never had a problem when I flew. And trust me, I did a lot of flying!! I wouldn’t have survived without my Bluetooth earbuds!!