Soundcore Life A2 NC don´t fit in Case

Hello, i have the Soundcore Life A2 NC, but when I put on the big Wings, they do not fit in the case! So I must turn the Wings from the “fitting-nose” each time for loading and turn back for use! Is there a work around? Or another Case?

Im Blind! Unfortunately both Wings are labelled with an “L”! The left one with L L and the right one with L R, so i have this wrong configured - SO SORRY!!!


:rofl: I was needing this. We have all done something like that in our life. I am glad you figured it out. I was thinking the testers for the product did not test that out.

Thanks for the update and the levity in placing two lefts on your earbuds.

Glad you were able to fix, hope you are enjoying them :slightly_smiling_face:

I rather have that issue than others. Lol

Hi Snarky One, so far I have a bass boost speaker, my Life Q20 and Life A1. What is the advantage of upgrading to the Life Q30? Also I have small ears, do you know if the Life A2’s are smaller as they appear to be? I always have to put in opposite ears to get a good fit (really weird ears I guess) but I’m getting ear fatigue with the Life A1…

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Hi @oceangypsea,

I only have the life Q10s, for over ear. They suit my needs quite well as I don’t need anc, I don’t wear them outside the house. The passive noise cancellation is quite remarkable.

The difference between the 20s and 30s mainly is the anc. With the 20s you don’t have the ability to switch anc modes or have transparency (the ability to let surrounding sound pass through). Color choices more so with the 30.

For in ear I have 2 pair. Liberty 2 pro, which is similar in style to the A2, and the liberty air 2 pro, which is more AirPod style. I like the fit on the L2P better for comfort, and wear them close to 7 hrs a day. Where as the LA2P fit seems more secure, i did have some discomfort initially but my ears have adjusted.

The play time on the A1 vs A2 is interesting as the math doesn’t add up on the A1s if you take daily time est at 9 hrs, and the case reserve, it’s off.

The A2s are seemingly getting great reviews. One from Brannon at the link below. Anc is hybrid and looks to be adjustable within the app.

Maybe check his vid, and comment a question about fittup. He’s quick to respond. Maybe ask if the style is more similar to the liberty 2 pros, and if they are, they would be a great add. I really like the fit of them, very comfy.

Lastly, one of the great things about soundcore, is the 30 day money back guarantee. So if you get them and don’t like, contact them and send them back,

I’d say you’re probably good for the over ear, and for $80 to test the A2s might be decent way to go. Check reviews and see.

Yikes… verbose response… sorry… :wink:

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