Soundcore Life A2 NC

I’m very disappointed with this headphones, the sound is not great for the price and the mic is shocking. I bought them (on Amazon) to make calls on MS Teams and very often the mic stops working half-way through my phone calls. I no longer use them in Teams meeting, I had too many embarrassing “Can you hear me” moments in important meetings :frowning:


You can email or go to for all the relevant phone numbers.
Describe your problem and write, you can also take advantage of the 18-month warranty.
Soundcore has a very good service

In case those don’t fit your needs you can return them directly to amazon.
The problems you mentioned mostly are because of Windows drivers.

Don’t think it’s a Windows driver problem, it works for 3-4 minutes and then it suddenly stops (only the mic). If it was a driver issue (btw, it’s a brand new laptop running the latest drivers) it wouldn’t work at all, right?

I’m thinking of returning the phones to Amazon but I have also emailed Soundcore support and waiting for their reply before opting for a return.

You should use the searching function to find a solution. (Magnifier in the upper right corner)
MS (WINDOWS) issues are described there and solutions are offered.
Take your time an search for.
Often deleting the default bt MS driver and install that one offered by the manufacturer of the bt card instead helps.
It doesnt matter if the laptop is brand new.
Take a look at the bt driver!

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Agree with @Chiquinho as we had several people on here during covid where it was BT or software as well. Although that does not rule out buds as well

I’ve had similar issues with my two sets of wireless earbuds (liberty air 2 pro and liberty 2 pro). As sure as there are days in the week, there are at least as many possible issues.

I’ll put some of those I attempted, and then what I ended up doing…

  • privacy settings with teams / ms windows, need to allow access to mic
  • blue tooth low energy driver (toggle off, in Bluetooth settings in windows)

I think it has something to do with the hands free choice for teams / windows, and this is why…

  • I use now, the stereo headset for my earbuds or over ears (depending on need), and use the laptop mic for the microphone.
  • no issues with cutting in / out
  • work laptop so unable to affect change in any settings or drivers.

Note I also had same issues with a different branded pair of BT earbuds, so it seems more so on windows side than the earbuds.

As @chiquihno suggests, a search of the site will bring back ALOT of attempts to fix, and there one one really good one to try, alas I cannot recall by whom.

Best of luck, I hope you can resolve.


Today the earbuds developed a new issue. I heard a sequence of very loud ticking on my left earbud, for about 5 minutes. It started with one tick every 2-3 seconds and gradually increased to 3-4 per second.

It eventually stopped but now the noise cancelling on my left earbud has gone and it doesn’t work :slightly_frowning_face:

I emailed support but can anyone pls suggest a fix?

Thanks all

That’s really a strange issue, hope you get a satisfying answer from the support.
May be could be fixed, you should wait for an answer from the support.
(But there is an important Chinese holiday soon, so be patient regarding the answer)


It is why I do not really use the earbuds and such for work activities and just use my work headset.

I find that I give enough time to them that I do not need to use my earbuds for their benefits :wink: or have to figure out issue as the ones that you are dealing with

PLUS, I did at one point thought about doing it but the IT had locked down the BT on our end :rofl: and then decided why was I doing this. LOL

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Did you tried to reset?

Yes I did but the NC still doesn’t work. I hear a windy noise on the left and switching from Normal to NC makes no difference. In fact, there is less noise in Normal mode than in NC :thinking:

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Seem to be defective.
If these are under warranty contact the support, I suggested this above.
Good luck!

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