Soundcore Life Dot 3i (Also Life A3i)

I saw these posted on Reddit so I decided to buy a set to see how they perform. These appear to be an offline model sold at Wal-Mart only as of the time I post this. See them here:

Edit: They are also available on Amazon now as the Life A3i. No differences so far as I can tell. I’m waiting for a sample to arrive so I can confirm.

Just go them in today. Initial impressions:

Soundcore sound quality in full effect!

  • Strong bass and full treble
  • 22 presets + Full Custom EQ Available (Piano is best)
  • Hi-Volume (114db+)

Comfortable fit

  • Small size
  • Shaped differently than all other Soundcore TWS
  • Good option for back/side sleep

Button controls are great

  • Controls can be both programmed and disabled in Soundcore App
  • Buttons are mounted on top like the Liberty 2 Pro
  • 1x, 2x, Long Press

Soundcore App Support

  • Battery
  • Listening Modes (ANC, Transparency, Normal)
  • EQ presets + Custom
  • Custom Controls
  • F/W updates (if needed)

Decent ANC and Ambient for the low price

  • On Par performance with Life P3i

Call Quality is ok at best

  • Doesn’t perform well in noisy conditions

Overall a decent set of TWS for $60. Good option for those who dislike stem-style earbuds. They seem to have excellent battery as well. Unfortunately I haven’t had them long enough to perform extensive battery tests.

I hope this helps anyone looking at these!:sunglasses:


Appreciate the initial look.

Look a little different than others.


Agreed. I have all the Soundcore TWS and this is the first time seeing this shape.

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Thanks for the review. Not bad for the price.


Thanks for sharing the review. It does to seem to have a different shape.


Earbuds and charging case looks interesting. Thanks for sharing.


Nice initial thoughts, I have similar for side sleep. Profile very similar and they are quite comfy.

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Odd. I am not seeing these on FCC.


It is common in USA to see an offline version of online, I scrolled down a few models and didn’t see one with A3982


Wonder if that is may be part of it online version as a subtext of the documentation. I find it weird to just be seeing it under just Walmart as they would probably show up on some others stores as well. Did a quick search and Walmart is the only one showing at this time.

Will say that I have started liking the stems a little more but overall each types has its benefits as well. I am just glad that I can stand most types (other than the headphones that sit ON the ears.


Found it at FCC, I had to scroll down a fair bit, FCC dated 6 months ago. Dated later were the Life P3i been on sale for a month+.

So the online version must be A3992. A search for the A3992 comes across the Life A3i which for example is here

Showing as unavailable.

The images don’t match so what I think we have here is a coming “soon” for the online version, and just wait, the Amazon is a placeholder image of different product.

The previously unavailable…

Is now available

The images now match. The FCC posting says same product A3i / Dot 3i


May be a method to the madness :blush: but not sure


Please request you to do the detail review and intial impressions on soundcore life A3i hope to see your detail review soon

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Have you tried these these are my dream earbuds compact flush design without that stem

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According to their FCC posting the Dot 3i and A3i are identical.



Someone would have to do a detailed spec comparison to validate if what FCC is true. There may be some differences which do not impact their EM emission.

No , I’d not buy these as I can tell they’d simply fall out. If I’m sent a unit to test of something claiming to not fall out I’ll give feedback.

If Soundcore were reading this and want some advice, I’d say if they are capable of shrinking buds to look as small as the Dot 3i / A3i they should do some over-ear hook types with 20%-30% bigger battery because I’d like TWS buds to get back 10 hours like their last version of wired buds (Slim upgraded) because once you get to 10 hours it pretty much removes charge angst.


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They won’t fall out of your ears because they stay really well and they don’t need any hooks to do the job also they are not stupid design like life p3 and they are very light weight only 5g really looking forward for these I wish SoundCore must release more models of these in ear type earbuds

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All buds are 5g.

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Kindly check and see other reviews on wallmart which clearly mentioned that they won’t fall out of ears and have very snug fit and don’t need any ear hooks Also they have got 9 hours of battery life per earbuds what else to complain for

A3i and Dot 3i are the same thing with different names. My initial impressions above apply to both models.


How do they fit as compared to previous models do they stay comfortable in your ears without falling and do both variations dot3i or A3i has graphane drivers