Soundcore life note and liberty 2 ear ache just after using for 10 minutes

Earlier used Soundcore life note that hurting ears for just 10 minutes of using, so i given that to my brother thinking that this isn’t suited me even tried every eartip for a day,

Later now newly order and received soundcore liberty 2 thinking this isn’t going same as life note but no, same hurting my ears just using for 10 to 15 minutes,and i switched eartips to confirm what really is happening with this one too, it’s really disappointing for me as m loving it’s sound clarity and mic, i had used many other brands no case like this
This is first time happened with soundcore products, even consulted doctor may be my ears itself a problem, after checking, doctor said no there’s no problem in your ear nor it’s bluetooth one, all is ok

That is very strange. I use my liberty air 2 every day and never have any fatigue.

Luckily for you, soundcore has a 30 day return period, so if it hasnt been 30 days you can still return them.

You could try the liberty 2, as the different form factor may work better for you.

I want liberty air 2, airpod design, but unfortunately it’s not available here in India, liberty 2 has bulky design looks weird when you wear, and that unknown pain that it occurs for less half an hour usage…
How could they didn’t tested this all, fitting is ok, but longer usage isn’t, so sad and no new products too here in India of soundcore to go for better

I can’t do any serious in ear headphones for long. If you usually are fine with other brands and struggle with these that is harder to explain though.

Returned liberty 2 and ordered liberty air 2 from aliexpress, let’s see after arrival of it’s also the same case with liberty air 2 then soundcore is not totally for me

I know someone else had a similar issue on here. I have never had the problem except for beat 3 pushing on the ears. I actually gave my p2 to my brother as he was wanting a wireless pair. After a week with them, he was saying those hurt him. It would be interesting to see if all had a similar ear features that causes those ear pain.