Soundcore Life Note both earbuds have cumulatively 4 mics, but works only one's

I just bought Soundcore Life Note today. I am testing it from the time I have received it. It has 4 mics in two earbuds, each one has 2 mics. But when both the earbuds are connected to phone, during call only right one’s mic captures sound, left earbud’s mic is simply not working, it is not capturing any sound. The strange thing is, when I connect the earbuds separately, it captures voice very well. Is it the issue only I am facing? Or what? Is that how it works or my product is faulty? If this have 4 mics, all should work cumulatively, isn’t it? Please suggest.

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I am facing the same thing. Should I opt for a exchange?


Am also facing same problem. Please suggest what to do? Did anyone opted for exchange? Did 2nd one working well.

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