Soundcore Life Note Right Ear buds battery drains faster than left side

Dear Soundcore Team,

I bought Soundcore Life note on June 02 2021.
This is my first TWS.
But I found right earbuds gives me 7hrs battery back up with Aptx On and in 50 Percentage volume.
After that 7hrs of back up the right bud turns off and the left bud shows 50% as indicated in phone.

Is my unit has any problem?
I’ll attach the screenshot of left bud percentage shows in phone and the stopwatch time which indicates the battery usage time of left buds after the right buds turned off

How to connect two buds to the phone at the same time
Instead of right side connects with phone and the left side.

So that right side gave up very fast.
Give me a solution for this problem.

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7 hours is normal.
Left bud less empty than right is normal.

If you think you paired wrong, which looks possible, then delete pairings, reset buds, take R bud out, pair, it will offer the L bud pairing, accept, and only connect to R bud never L bud.


Thank you so much for noticing my post regarding this issue.
Actually I was about to return the product.
But your reply stopped me to do that.
And I’m testing the right bud alone, left bud is in the case now.

5hrs 45mins still 40 percent battery is remaining as shown in the phone.
Volume is in 60 percent.

And I as said might paired wrongly
So I’ll do reset and reconnect as you said.

Now all my doubts were cleared.
Thanks again.

I’m new to to TWS.
I was using neckbands only for past 3 years.
Now I understood the working mechanism of the tws.


Usually one bud drains faster than the other due to how they are connected to each other and then to the device. If you notice huge issues you could also always email our support team to see if this is deemed abnormal for the product and potential fixes if they have any.