Soundcore life p2 faint red light

so my pair of life p2’s have been great but all of a sudden the left one is not working. when i put it into the charged charging case i get a faint pink light,( see attatched) its different than the reset as when i press the button for 3 seconds i get the proper red light. the other one works fine and light up white when first put in the case to show it’s charging. has anyone got any ideas as there still seems to be battery in it for it to reset.


Check contacts for grime?

I agree check for grime. I would say maybe check the pins and if the working appropriately.

You can always contact as I have not seen that pink color yet and they may dealt with other users that did not comment on the community. If you do contact the service department please let us know what was their fix.

Hey Ninja, could you get your ear buds to work properly again?
I had the same issue and sent in my product. Anker was very nice and replaced them.

If you cannot resolve your problem, would it be an option for you to sell your Anker P2 case? I lost my case during travel which render my ear buds totally useless now :frowning:

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