Soundcore life p2 left earbud issues

Hi All,

I’m facing an issue with my Life P2’s, the left earbud is very quet and it’s almost like it doesn’t have sufficient charge or like it is losing connectivity to the right bud. I have already had this issue previously and after quite a bit of digging found out that when apps access the microphones my left bud would cut out. However this does not seem to be the issue now. Tried resetting them in the case, unpairing and using them with a different device and nothing is working, they are also not caked up with ear wax.

Looks exactly like you have hardware fault. Hopefully you’re in warranty!

You may be able to fix with repeatedly cleaning with isopropyl alcohol , it may lift off some shorting wax which got to the electronics. Clean, dry, clean, dry, do it a dozen times it may be able to fix. Good luck.