Soundcore Life P2 Mini Charging Issue, 3 leds blinking when charging

I’m having a problem with my wireless earbuds. It’s been a while since, when I plug the case to charge the buds, it starts charging normally, turning on just the corresponding LEDs according to the battery level they have, but after a while, let’s say minutes, the 3 LEDs on the case turn on at the same time and they start to blink.
The first time I didn’t realize, but then I found out they were not charging at all. So what I ended up doing was, when the 3 LEDs start blinking, I let them for a couple of minutes to blink, then I disconnect the wire and reconnect back again, and they start charging normally.
But it´s a bit annoying because I have to be aware at every moment when I charge them, to repeat the disconnect/reconnect ‘job’ so they can finally be fully charged.
I even tried to reset the earbuds according to the user manual, but still the issue persists. Also, the earbuds don’t even have a year in my hands. What could this be happening???