SoundCore Life P2 Right Ear Bud's Mic not working

On 27th Aug 2020 i have purchased Soundcore Life P2 Ear buds from But after couple of days of i used this ear buds suddenly since yesterday on 21st Sept 2020 whenever i am on phone call with the right side ear bud, opposite side of on call person not able to hear my sounds. Therefore i have already reset my ear buds like the way guided on user manual, but still same issue exists.

Hey Apu, could you get your ear buds to work properly again?
I had the same issue and sent in my product. Anker was very nice and replaced them.

If you cannot resolve your problem, would it be an option for you to sell your Anker P2 case? I lost my case during travel which render my ear buds totally useless now :frowning: