Soundcore life p2 right earphone doesn’t carge

Hey. I started noticing the problem when my right earbud all of a sudden didnt pair and kept on restarting itself when out of the case. I tried resetting it several times, but nothing helped. The weird thing is it says “battery high” when it starts. The case seems working fine, the other earbud starts charging and the case has full battery.
Edit: the earphone keeps on restarting once in a while for many times then stops for about an hour.

Hey @Nikita_Demidov, I think you should start with resetting the earbuds.

If this doesn’t help, you should contact Soundcore support at because this doesn’t seem to be an issue of right earbud not charging (because it says battery high)

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Hey Nikita, could you get your ear buds to work properly again?
I had the same issue and sent in my product. Anker was very nice and replaced them.

If you cannot resolve your problem, would it be an option for you to sell your Anker P2 case? I lost my case during travel which render my ear buds totally useless now :frowning: