Soundcore Life P3 Battery draining so fast

Hello Everyone,

I purchased the Soundcore Life P3 earbuds a week ago .however I noticed that the battery is draining very quick I did a WhatsApp call with my parent so I paired my earbuds (fully charged) and started to talk after about 2 hours the earbuds battery finished and had to charge them again. Is only 2 hours call good ? The battery duration advertised it’s much longer. What can I do to extend the battery duration ? I did the 2 hours call on half volume (50%) any recommendation or feedback from your end will be highly appreciated.


Don’t have those so can’t help much. I would suggest to reset earbuds.
Turning off ANC will extend battery life as well.

I don’t have those either, but it seems a bit short. I don’t really use my Earbuds much for calls, so I can’t really say how long I would get on calls with the Buds I have.

2 hours seems short. I have the Life P3 and use them every day for about 2 hours straight with ANC on and drop about 40%. Since you’ve had them such a short time, I would contact Soundcore support.

Hello Mark,

You make calls with them? Or just listening music ?

Could be a defective battery.
You should contact the support.

I don’t have these but I’d suggest that making phone calls would drain quicker than the quoted figures for just listening. It would have the extra load of microphone and transmission. That load would disproportionately hit whichever bud is hosting microphone so you should find one side is the 2 hours but the other has a lot of battery life left.

I’d check with support for a battery life number for making calls.

My gut is this is they will say this is normal.

If it is normal then simply swap master between calls, which is put them in case, close case, wait , then take the other bud out first.

Phone calls always drains battery faster.

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Just music & podcasts.