Soundcore Life P3 technology time review

This is the second review now in two days right before the product launch should see a lot more in the coming days for sure


Great review, thank you. Confirms that I need to purchase later today (unless I win a pair before then that is) :wink::crossed_fingers:t2:

I had a look at the review, and it didn’t seem much more that a read of the box. Didn’t have much depth on the new features…

I hope they do a follow up…

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If you want some better reviews I have a thread with all the reviews and unboxing I’ve found some of them are really thorough

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Thanks, looks like you beat hannah to the punch :rofl::joy::rofl:

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yup and she’s missing some of my favorites from her list. the thread I have with all of them I will continue to update as I find more and more reveiws

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Thanks gor sharing