Soundcore life q10 disconnecting to laptop after a minute

I had troubles with my sound in general on my laptop (OMEN by HP laptop 15-dh1xxx) so I had my laptop reset to get any audio back, which I have audio. Now I’m having trouble connecting my Soundcore Life Q10 with Bluetooth, the cord works fine. I connect it to my laptop and it sometimes only allows the use of the mic and no audio. But the thing is when it is connected it’s around a minute that it disconnects randomly. I don’t know where to even start.

Make sure that the Q10 is not connected to any another device (Phone etc)
If so delete the Q10 from the bt of this device.

Delete the Q10 also from the bt list of your laptop.

Make sure you have not installed the default bt driver given by Windows.
Install the driver from the manufacturer of your bt card.

Do a reset of the Q10 and connect them again to your laptop.

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