Soundcore Life Q20 vs Q30: ANC. Audio. Mic. Self-noise compared (Part 3)

00:00 Intro
00:54 Q20 ANC
01:30 Q30 ANC
02:10 The App
03:07 Q20 Music
04:27 Q30 Music
05:35 Self-noise
08:54 Mic Test
09:53 Final Thoughts


Great detailed review. :+1:

Thank you, Q20’s mic better than Q30. I am also curious about their outdoor microphone performances.

Interesting differences. Why are there always tradeoffs on all of these product choices…

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Great video!

I just remembered I had this bookmarked to watch later but another great test there @Fast_Unboxer. Life Q20 mic is much better than Q30 and NC on Q20 feel better than my Life 2 which gives more of white noise in NC mode

After watching your reviews, I chose to buy the Q30. I bought Q30 $59.37 and Q10 $25,09 from AliExpress. Thanks for your all efforts…

Another great video will need to make sure I get subscribed…

Another great video thank you so much for sharing here such great quality!

So is ali express an official retailer in china? Just curious, over here it is either direct or from Amazon, or there is no support.

Yes, it’s official. Check out Anker Official Store on AliExpress. I live in Turkey, but Turkey’s official retailer didn’t import yet Q30 model. AliExpress prices chaper than Turkey’s official store and they are offers free shipping. Anker Official Store on AliExpress also offer 18-month warranty support for the products.

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