Soundcore Life Q30 - ANC and EQ not working in wired mode?

So I just unboxed my Q30, and observed the following:

As soon as I insert the AUX cable, the ANC and in fact the active electronics switch off, and can’t be switched on. I’ve read some conflicting information here. There’s a past thread in this forum where someone said that’s the way it is designed, ANC doesn’t work in wired mode.

Then again, someone on Reddit said that they wrote support who answered that it’s a defect.

So what’s the story here ?

If it really doesn’t work, I’d be quite disappointed, especially because nowhere in the feature description I could find a hint that this doesn’t work.

If this was stated somewhere in the description, I wouldn’t have bought them, and if there’s no way to make it work, I’ll have to send them back because wired mode is a really important feature for me …

Any hints ?


Sorry don’t own these, but if you will not get an answer from the members here,
you should contact the support.

We do have those but son has claim to them.

I think this is a functionality of several of the headsets by soundcore and unsure of other brands.

But will say I do not know 100 percent as I do have 2 headsets that both taken by the kids.

Ok I got the confimation from customer support, ANC and EQ in wired mode aren’t supported. What a pity. Sent the headphones back.