Soundcore Life Q30 Custom EQ setting issue

Recently purchased the Life Q30. Have been testing it for about a week now. Every aspect has been great so far. I use the Q30’s on ios and android and have the soundcore app on both systems.

Recently noticed that there is a custom EQ being created wherein the EQ settings are made slightly higher at every band automatically. This EQ profile being created happens to be a slight elevation of the previously/last used custom EQ.

Is this something anyone else experiences. This creation of new EQ happens mostly on the IOS device.

I have noticed this too. A similar thing on my Rave Neo and Motion Boom speakers sometimes. I don’t know what causes it but as long as I set a custom EQ and leave the app alone after that it isn’t an issue.

@winfred maybe you guys need to look into this? It sure seems weird that it increases randomly. Could it be because you have it connecting on iOS and Android apps? @matthew2ndson do you use iOS and Android both or just 1?

I use IOS. And as I stated I experience a “similar” thing. The settings don’t increase, I just get a clone of the settings.

Hmm I guess my theory was incorrect then. I would say we wait until Monday or so for Soundcore team to be back

Same problem here.I get sometimes a new “custom” EQ preset and setting are a little bit changed.
Posted it already:

Never got an answer :frowning: