(Soundcore Life Q30) Disable voice when switching ANC modes

Hello everyone!

I’ve just bought a pair of Soundcore Life Q30 headphones and I love their sound quality, comfort, and battery life.

Nonetheless, I have a couple of little issues that I hope might be solved with future firmware updates:

  1. When switching between ANC modes (Normal, Noise Cancellation, Transparency), it is quite annoying having to hear the robotic voice announce which mode you’re currently on. This is made even worse by the fact that whatever you’re listening to gets muted for 2-3 seconds. I would love it if the user was able to switch this function on and off (most of the times it is self-evident which mode you’re on, based on how much outside noise you hear), or maybe the different modes might be signalled by differently pitched beeps, however without muting the music you’re listening to.

  2. The volume is great for most music genres, but it can be pretty low when listening to classical music (which include a wide range of dynamics). Maybe this could be another possibility: letting users extend the maximum volume threshold if desired.

Thank you, and I hope this is helpful.


Up? Also, if there’s already a way to disable it, and I’m not aware of it, please let me know how! :smile:

  1. There’s no way to disable the voice when switching ANC modes. They already reduced the voice’s volume in one of the previous firmware updates (as quite a few users found it too loud), but I doubt they would go as far as to allow the users to turn it off. You can still shoot them an email with your requests if you want: service@soundcore.com, but I’m sure their focus right now is on polishing all the bugs on Q35 rather than continuing to add new features to a 7-month-old product (Q30).

  2. Same as above. (Though I find the volume more than enough even for classical music.)

Dear Soundcore,

Please add an option to turn the voice that announces the ambient sound mode.
In situations when I’m in noise cancelling and I want to hear somebody talk, I change to transparency mode, but instead of the other person I hear the headphone’s voice.
A short beep would be sufficient.

Best regards.

Rather then a beep, I would be very happy with nothing at all. The change of modes is already very evident on its own.
Although… if there’s the need for it to have something marking the change, the beep would be much better already.

+1 I would really appreciate being able to turn off the voice

Please add this feature to the Soundcore Q35. Either change it to a beep, or nothing at all. Also, put an option to not mute the playing audio when the mode is changed.

Need this feature too. Just turn off notifications.