Soundcore Life Q30 popping noise

I have been using my Q30s for a couple months now, and they have been great! however, i recently started using them on windows 10 pro, running through a mac. On windows 10, they are making a popping noise very often whenever i play any audio. why is this happening, and how can i fix this?

Make sure you have installed the bt driver from the manufacturer of your bt card instead of the WIN default driver.

I have tried installing an intel bluetooth driver and restarting, but my headphones still make the popping noise.

That’s all I have to suggest.
May be another member got another idea. :grinning:

May want to eliminate some factors here to isolate a potential cause.

Try another headset and does it do the same
Try another pc or device as well.

This way you can test if it the pc, the headset or just those two together

Assuming this was not while using aux cable but bt.

You may want to try generic bt drive as I know that helped them on one thread.