Soundcore Life Q30 Volume and ANC issues

I am noticing from experience and researching other forums/posts that there are some software issues with the volume control. When connected to 2 devices the volume will increase in volume when going from one video to another (on the same device) or when going from one device to the other. Also, when trying to change the volume the volume will be muted upon the first button press (either up or down buttons), then you have to press the volume button multiple times to get back to the previous volume setting after it changes. I am on FW 1.8, using a PC and an android phone. If anyone knows a fix please let me know, but from what I’ve read so far this may have to be in a firmware update. Please comment and post about this if you have the same issue so Soundcore see the problem, prioritize the issue and expedite a FW update.

I also notice the ANC is not as good as I would have hoped. My Mpow H12s do a better job at ANC. It blocks out some low and mid range sounds, but higher frequencies aren’t blocked that well. I don’t believe this is necessarily a defect, but I hope future FW updates can also improve the ANC to be stronger, or so we can adjust the strength in the app.

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I would recommend updating the firmware, the latest version is 1.90. If that doesn’t fix the volume problem, I would contact soundcore.

I’m holding off on that for now since that update is only for a mic echo and Apple related issues as far as I can tell. Do you know where to see detailed change logs for these FW updates, and if there is a way to revert to older FW updates? I don’t want to risk introducing new problems if I don’t have too.

I’m experiencing the same issue. Exactly same.
Once I press Volume up, for ex. It muted and then I have to press the volume up repetitively up to the desired volume level.

Did you find a solution?
Did you contact Anker support?

I just sent them an email.

Thanks for the reply

I have the identical issues.

The volume up causes a severe down I have, it seems less bad if in my Android device I disable absolute volume. On mine it is under settings, sound and vibration , earphone mode , bluetooth volume, bluetooth absolute volume. It is annoying but not enough for me to return the headphones.

The ANC is decidedly meh. I thought from looking at reviews it would be better, I used support to replace headphones and not really improved. Again, not enough to return headphones, I have better ANC from Sony but at 4x the cost. It’s useful from Q30 but I swap to Sony when I want better ANC. The Q30 are more comfortable, ears hurt less, less sweaty with Q30.

I don’t think ANC can be improved, as it’s the physics of the construction, chipset, micrphone placement. I looked into the science and then electronics of how ANC works, all the technology to improve it comes at a cost.

So it’s a value vs performance discussion really.

Hey there, our programmers already locate the root issue caused and we plan to release an upgrade firmware very soon, I will keep you updated.


Awesome news! thanks for letting us know! Looking forward to a fix!

Hopefully it doesn’t take long.

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Any updates?


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Hey there, it will release this week. Thanks for your patience. :grinning:

Can you clarify what has been addressed? The ANC quality or the multipoint volume issue? The ANC is not as good as my Dyplay Urban Traveller 2 or Earfun Free Pro. I can still hear my heater fan fairly loudly.

Will we be able to instantly multipoint connect two devices when powering them on?

I doubt the ANC can be improved, it’s a limit of the placement of microphones and the chipset.

So it’s bug fixes.

It more depends on the capability of the chipset to be able to change the volume or threshold, or what frequency range the ANC is working at. For example my Earfun Free Pro has sub-par mics for calls, but its ANC is fairly aggressive such that it drowns out indoor sounds very nicely, though it does do poorly for higher frequencies outdoors.

That’s why said microphone placement.

The deeper the microphone is in the ear the less the absolute wavelength difference. For low frequency sound that absolute difference is relatively less.

That’s why hiss is made as by product.

I’m interested in the engineering challenge of fitting all three of the canal, microphone, armature, driver, electronics, microphones, in future products.

it’s been a week and I don’t see any updates. which firmware version is this being addressed in?

Hey there, please tell me the SN on the Soundcore app and we can help you do further lookup.

Any updates regarding firmware release?


Somebody on another thread here stated it came today but it may not be for everybody at the start and if right, it probably will be here in the near future.

Update to all following this thread

I see a firmware update to version 2.1 for my Q30s in the app now. The update addresses the following:

  1. Reduce voice tone volume.
  2. Volume synchronization in multi-point connection.

So the updates seem to be rolling out. Personally I’m going to give it some time to see if there are any issues from the new firmware before updating my pair, but I will update with my experience when I do decided to update my fw. I hope the reduced voice tone volume isn’t an issue.

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