Soundcore life Q30!

First of all, I have to say the delivery was quicker than I expected and I was able to track the package the whole time. Secondly, I just got my pair today and I tested it, and I’m pretty amazed by the sound cancellation, especially at this price point. And love the added hardcase and the feature where you can switch between ANC and transparent mode by pressing the right cup. 10/10 I am fully satisfied with the product and hope it lasts for a good while!


Life Q10s are back for sale in laker purple and gold on Amazon. being bass enthusiast,. I’ll re purchase Q10s I have them in . Red & black. & the Q20 + as well as the Q45s. (Which I prefer the most) but I had to grab the Q10s for 34$. Just because they were the headphones that brought me to to soundcore and purchasing their products ever since. . Even if I keep them
In the box or give away the red & blacks, & use them . ( I got
For 43$ I believe) But these have the most bass of any over ear headphones I’ve used. :exploding_head::headphones: #Love the Q10s