Soundcore Life Q35 vs Q30 vs Q20 (and a Q35 review!)

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:thinking: Are you looking for a breakdown of the differences between the new Q35 and the Q30 and Q20?
:point_right: Please check out my video review and websites below!


Will check it out soon

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Wow that was fast :open_mouth:

At least there will something good to catch up on for tomorrow’s coffee break :+1:

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Nice quick review. Would really like to see a comparison between Q30 and these since $50 difference isn’t a little

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First review.

Nice quick review nailing down the important basics. Really like the chart you had comparing them

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Good job! :+1:

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Thanks for these. But in your comparison chart you wrote that both Q30 and Q35 have 2 mics for phone calls, yet it should be 2 and 4, respectively, as far as I know… Because Q35 supposedly has 2 mics on each ear cup.

Thanks for the video, I know they say AI on microphone but your video makes it look like it’s just filtered based on left/right lag as voice comes from centre line.

If I’m correct if you simply turned the headphones around so facing away then tilt left/right it should do similar?

I dont see mention of different quantity of microphones?

I double-checked the product page now that is available, and it states that the Q35 has “2 microphones with AI-enhanced uplink noise reduction”. I guess there could be more microphones used for noise cancellation for what you hear, but it looks like only 2 microphones are utilized for phone calls (for what the caller hears).


Good straight to the point review and comparisons Ryan :+1:

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I see! Hm, I must have gotten an incorrect info then.

I tried this test again spinning the headphones around a full 360. When the headphones are facing away from my mouth (and the headband is facing my mouth), my voice was still somewhat filtered, but not as strongly as when my voice was coming from the left and right.

Wearing the headphones backwards (left cup on my right ear) also causes my voice to be filtered significantly, so there seems to be a “sweet spot” that, when worn properly, does a good job of focusing on your voice and muffling out other noises in the room.

Like most headphones and even Jabra headsets I’ve used, it will still pick up some sounds in front of my face, such a typing on a keyboard.

I did another test by placing a Bluetooth speaker in front of me on my desk playing music at a medium volume. While I could still hear the music in my test recording, the microphones seemed to at least reduce the volume of the music somewhat compared to my voice.

Great job!
I’m only moving from my Q30 for a headphone with MUTE on it though…

This doesn’t sound like AI, it sounds like 4 microphones which filter forwards over rear and filters central over either side.

If it’s that and ANC then total 6 microphones.

A teardown would help. Obviously destroys the unit.

Excelent done. Thanks.

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I’d like to know the following in terms of Q35 vs Q30:

  • is ANC any better on Q35 or is it just the same?
  • is the cushioning on Q35 (ear cups and above on the head band) any thicker/cushier than on Q30?
  • how does Default sound EQ compare between both in Normal and ANC mode?


Perfect Ryan.


@Chiquinho Hello, I’m glad you are back👋🏻.

I was only referring to Ryan’s review.
We know each other! :smiley: