Soundcore Life Tune Volume limiter

Hello there, I recently got a Garmin watch with music, and when the volume is on full it sounds like it is ruining my headphones, it’s only been on full for a couple of seconds to test. I have seen stuff about the watch making the volume go to full suddenly. Can I limit the volume on the headphones?

May be you could limit the volume on your device.
But I don’t own such a watch.

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Turn the volume on the Life Tune itself.

Do not think that is possible but I have have not heard of many earbuds/headsets that has a volume limiters on them. (or I have just not gone and searched for them)

The only kid friendly item that soundcore had that limited the volume was the Strike series gaming headsets but that was just a toggle switch.

I think this is more of a Garmin issue in that the watch need a fix to prevent the volume jump. Although it does not seem like an issue at this time. I would be watchful of it and if it happens, I would give Garmin support what info you may have as sometimes it is hard to figure out an issue with limited data they may get…

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