SoundCore LifeQ30 Headphones Unable to connect to Ubuntu 20.04 laptop

Device shows up under Bluetooth window on my laptop but when I click to connect / setup “Soundcore Life Q30” the device name changes to “BES_BLE”, I get a spinning circle, and then the status goes back to “Not set up”.

Running “dpkg -l | grep bluez” gives “Bluez version 5.53-0ubuntu3.4”


Try Blueman.

I have the same exact issue! and the same exact Bluez version. I saw on another thread that someone with 0ubntu3 was able to connect, but I also have 3.4
I tried bluman, it did not succeed. actually - when I tried to connect, it crashed…
What else can we try?

BTW tried to downgrade bluez to v3 instead of 3.4 and it didn’t help

Did you trued to reset your Q30 before connecting?

I remember seeing this once, I think I ignored it and it went away. Just try turning everything off then on. I use Q30 often with Ubuntu and not seen that issue for more than a year.

There is another thread how some fixed an issue with LINUX.
Try the search function to find it.
As far I remember he changed a packet and was lucky!
Its very difficult to do a remote diagnosis.

@VertigoXX - do you mean turning on/off again? then the answer is of course, multiple times, if you mean a factory reset then no - why would that help?

@The_Professor - well I ignored and ignored, but it didn’t go away, so here I am :slight_smile:

@Chiquinho - the only thing I found was a thread that said that once people connected the Q30 before to ubuntu before connecting to any other device, it just worked, but for me it didn’t. can you point me to the thread you are talking about?

I dont know how much you know about LINUX an bt.
Its very difficult to do a remote support.
And of course a factory reset should be done first.
Starting with the roots! :grinning:

@Chiquinho well - I am not a system linux person, but I do have some experience with linux and other UNIX systems, and about BT I don’t know much.
Can you point me to the other thread that fixed an issue with linux?
This is really frustrating not to be able to use my headphones with Ubuntu. it works with all my other OSs (iOS, MacOS, Windows…)

There is a lot to be found in special forums about bt and LINUX.
Do some research, or better ask in those forums you will get more helpful answers than here.

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I wonder if you’re suffering the version issue.

Q30 cannot connect to an older version of Bluetooth than it last connected to since last power on.

A simple way to know if that’s the issue is disable all Bluetooth of anything previously paired, turn headphones off wait a few minutes turn on and then pair connect.

My Q30 will only work with my Linux old BT 4.2 laptop if I connect to it first before my BT 5 phone. That issue has nil to do with Linux and all to do with the Q30 hardware. Mentioned here

If its so, its a true software bug of these headphones.
So the “engineers” have to care about if they really want to.

We don’t know in this thread if this issue is the underlying problem. It sure is for my setup.

I would not describe it as a bug, in software, I would say it is a limitation in hardware. I doubt the hardware within can connect at two different Bluetooth versions concurrently.

Possibly subsequent newer hardware may not have this issue.

If I were sent something (to test, or win) I can test if this is an issue in such products but need “Mr Random” to not give me the cold shoulder.

The job to test these is the task of the developers.
NOT ours.
Without any “point farming” or using “social media” it will be a hard job to win. :grin:
Even when I gained some lousy points they never showed up on my account…
So I decided to donate those to Mr. Random! :rofl:

Acting this way the number of active users is melting.

Partially agree. They should have an accumulated set of tests, so they should by now have known to test connection on different OS, hardware, bluetooth versions. It was mandatory in my professional life to do testing, and whenever there was an unplanned outage, an incident review would look at test plans and update them. So a bug only happens once.

But there is always the bug you’ve never seen.

That is helped to be catched by having a diverse, as deliberately different least-in-common set of beta testers who test on more hardware variety and try things you never thought of.

So good change management, regression testing, customer support, and diverse beta testers, is the leading method.

I get the impression they do insufficient testing and the testers are all very similar to each other.

All programs we develloped at the university had to be tested perfectly on all platforms.
Helpful are program vericfication tools.

Same as the “usual” winners here! :rofl:

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You cannot test perfectly, it’s impossible. You can test against known bugs or vulnerability. Then when what happened you never thought of, you update the tests.

In my professional life I aimed for “5 9s” (99.999%) reliability and it wasn’t difficult, it was nothing more clever than the above. Failures happen, don’t beat someone up for being human, just learn from them so they don’t happen again.

The single biggest change Soundcore could do to have fewer issues is have fewer products, so a bug is found on average less per product. Not complicated all, in fact easy, to do 3 things well than 10 things badly.

Only remember all the troubles with the camera systems (EUFY)
A lot of bugs were found by users.
They were promised to fix all that.
What happended?
We know. :wink:

Same here, when we were asked to make proposals to improve the forum.
We did.
We were promied these will come true
What happened?
We know! :wink:

But at the ḿoment there are more really severe problems in our world.
Not worth to waste time to talk about the tiny problems here.


Sometimes I am the verification tools for my job. :rofl: Plus there is a lack of technical workers in the software we tested and use with the state. Most folks are workers from the field.