Soundcore lover! Got ripped off 🤮

So to start I have a Rave Mini and am in love great product!!! But I wanted the 160w rave and was sold out everywhere so called Anker and was out for them to. Dummy me went to EBay found one For 300 they settled at $215 227 with tax fair deal I thought. Came home from little getaway for the weekend with wife and kids and this is what I received. The sale description specifically said item was checked over and box was only opened for verification.! image|375x500

So now I’m pretty much asking what should I do eBay is leaving me without options because seller put no returns but the item is completely destroyed light are missing woofers are removed

Who was the seller?
Seems “someone” from ebay!
If you paid via PP you could claim, or write to ebay.
I know you are totally disappointed, but as far I know there are options at ebay and PP to start a “case”

I am not much on ebay as I find their prices sometimes are not great at times or is more than what you can find elsewhere or what it is selling for a normal price.

I find some of the 3rd party sellers are trying to sell them for prices more than what they cost.

Usually we try to post some of the sales here a lot. This sale on the mini runs almost all the time at Walmart for 100 dollars. Even if it is not on sell it is 150.

So you could have gotten two of them for that price. :frowning:

I hope ebay will help you out on it.

I would say go to the resolution center. I found this below info in that area. I will maybe take some time but I hopefully wish you can get your money back.

Contact Your Seller

If an item hasn’t arrived or isn’t as described, go to My eBay, select the item in your purchase history, and reach out to your seller.

Not resolved? Let us know.

If you’ve talked to your seller and the issue still isn’t resolved after three business days, contact us.

We’ll get your money back. Fast.

You can count on hearing from us within 48 hours.

Thanks! But yes I opened a case seller has until July 3rd to answer or eBay takes action thank you!

And they will I am sure!
Good luck!

Unless you bought it from AnkerDirect on eBay, it is going to be a big frustrating hurdle…

Looks like it was a rip-off sold by some reseller / Non-Anker entity , because the Official Anker Store AnkerDirect on eBay lists the Rave Mini for $149

Walmart has them on $100 most of the times (now it is up to $149) … note for buyers… check and buy from authentic sellers.

This is all the info just waiting on respond ebay yea I’ve bought many online items and always try to checkout seller and all but my want got the best of me lol

This looks like Soundcore Rave (bigger than Rave Mini) and not a Rave Mini.

Raves goes for $199 on (redirect to Walmart), still a $200+ for an open box / damaged product is too much :frowning:

Do let us know what comes out of discussion with eBay

Also, not sure if the packaging was done well before shipped out to you… these kind of damages happen over shipping, I had a similar experience on some other product (non-anker / non-soundcore)

if product is not well cushioned / well packaged, it will end up being damaged during shipping.

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Seller can say whatever they want, this is a fraud complaint to ebay / paypal. Get your money back and don’t take no for an answer.

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Mostly you see such damages without opening the box.
The box got some damage you see when receiving…
I remember I got one ceramic.
I could hear the “clinking” when shaking the box --> Went back immediately.

But now it is as it is.

I took a look at the seller.
Not such a “convincing” one.
We got his name now.
Should be the best advertising he ever got ! :joy:

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That is one reason to ALWAYS buy the product that too a open box kind of stuff from a known seller like Anker / BestBuy / Amazon.

I still have the packaging for Rave Mini from Soundcore… this is simply rock solid packaging…

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My bad I meant I have a rave mini currently and was looking to paid these together but the rave 160 watt is sold out entirely I’ve tried everywhere only reason I went with eBay l… my bad :sob::sob:

Anyways once money is returned might call soundcore direct and just buy another mini or go to Walmart again.

But not this was nonsense I get it my bad yes but come on the speakers were removed and everything battery is out and has mud all through interior of device.

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@pottsie092, sorry to hear that, but the great thing about shopping on eBay is the buyer protection! It doesn’t matter that the seller says no returns if the product doesn’t arrive as described. It’s a hassle, yes, but at least prevents you from being totally scammed.

Rave seems to be in stock to order for delivery from for $199.00 if you’re still interested.

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Thank you after seeing your message and ordered it will be here July 7th thank you! And just waiting on my refund I think ebay will help me out if not I’ll og straight through PayPal

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Let us know if you could convince the seller to refund you.
We all from the familiy could write him/her some “love letters” :grin:

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that’s what we’re here for :rofl:

We can start the Love Letter for him. I have taken a stab at it. :rofl:

To my dearest Rave seller(crook),

You took the my heart (of the components of my Rave -lights and woofer) when you sent me this wonderful gift ( it sucked). As I opened the box, I was in awe (I was like WTF) of my Rave (I was Raving alright, Raving mad). I appreciate the gift but I need to return it (you took everything out of it). Please do not consider me a shell of a person (because you only sent me the shell of the Rave).

I hope to hear from you soon ( I want my money back).

Also I am breaking up with you as I have found another ( I am going to have Ebay to get me a refund if you do not).


You are very polite and the love letter is great.:rofl:
Mine would be a little more directly -> “Old Neanderhaler” can not use such “nice words”! :joy:

This is my wife “Gabi”!
Take a look at her, so you will understand! :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Hahaha thanks everybody they responded today with a return label!


contact ebay for the ebay money back guarantee. they will give you your money back