Soundcore Mini 3 Bicycle Mount?

I had an idea about mounting one of my Mini 3 speakers to the post of my bike for when out on a countryside ride.

I thought about perhaps a drinks holder?, but can’t seem to find one big enough to take the diameter of the speaker.

I could just use the ‘tab’ on the speaker & hang the speaker, but worried it would get knocked, & also don’t know how strong the tab is.

Any suggestions to a holder? It must fit on the bike for convenience



I am on old DiY myself.
I have such a speaker.
The problem is the diameter.
Cans are smaller and even a German beer bottle holder will not do! :laughing:

Never forget that type of speaker needs a certain sounding board to develop some kind of bass.

Search for a fitting plastic bottle cut it and construct such a simple holder for an attempt
Cable straps will help for the first construction and then you will improve!

If you have been successful, take photos and we / I will help you to make a better one. :laughing:

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If you own enough speakers then I’d just tape it to the steering stem with gaffer tape for the summer ensuring the buttons and charging port are clear of tape and use an Anker Powercore, which supports trickle-charge, locally to recharge it.

Probably wrap the speaker’s middle with a layer of tape to protect the speaker, then wrap the whole speaker to the bike. You might need to have it forwards of the steering stem to not knock your knees.

I own two Mini 3 and a Mini 2. If I were to do this I’d tape the Mini 2 as it’s basic waterproof no Partycast etc as well as being a little smaller which would help with the knee clearance.

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Taping is not professional (@The_professor) :rofl:
Kidding you know me.

I’d be tempted to use Velcro tape, but never gaffer/duct tape :scream:

A water bottle cage might be a good fit, on the crossbar beneath the seat. The mini 3 would be loud enough to bop along to.

That would mean you may need to go with something like a camelbak for hydration.

Otherwise, you could check thingsverse for a 3D printed option. (I think it’s things verse)… @tank would maybe know better :wink:

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3 D Printer :
There is an offer from ANKER! :laughing:
Happy Easter

The first question is where do plan to mount it or where do you want to mount it. Do you have a picture of the area wanted

Hoping to fit on the steering vertical (the non moving part of the frame)

I think the mini 3 diameter is about 72-75mm

How about try a small piece of pvc pipe. Have a long zip through the pipe and 2 small ties on the bar and the long tie going through the small one as well

Can do sideways or maybe put a cap on one end and let it sit up like a cup.

A bike bottle cage may work, may need to wrap something around the speaker to make it not fall out. Gaffer tape perhaps?

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Most bottle holders are too small, but I am looking at a couple online that can be adjusted but mostly are too tall too.

May have to modify something. The idea is to remove the speaker when I lock the bike up, but still be secure when riding

It’s better for Flare, but it could work for Mini as well:
US $4.36 20%OFF | Fixed Strap Cross-Border Mountain Bike Bottle Cage Golf Cart Speaker With Cup Holder

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It seems like I saw something that would work on a YouTube video about Electric Bikes by Citizen Cycle. I’ll see if I can find it.

OK, Lets take a look for a " fitting can" with a tap,
We here have such eg. for coffee.
If its too big you can fill it with foam inlays.

Or find a fitting tupperware.

The tap is a plastic one so holes scan be thrilled easily.
This way the speaker will not jump off and can be taken out easily.

Bottle/can holders are too small i wrote that.

Yes, Velcro straps may be the way to go as one solution :+1:

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I remember having a similar problem back in my youth, except it was an old cassette player I was trying to attach to my bike. I eventually got there with a whole load of electrical tape (my dad was an electrician so had plenty of it kicking about). The cassette player looked something like this…



A friend of mine had a similar one from Phillips.
I owned a gramophone like this :slight_smile:


The shellac records were very breakable, so one had to care a lot for them.
My best record (78rpm) was one from Bill Haley and the Comets :

Such a gramophone could not be attached to a bike. :joy:

Improvements were the little transistor radios (6 transistors, am)

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I still have something to play cassettes on, but it’s a Computer Data Recorder, originally when the Sinclair ZX-81 Home Computer came out, listening to the warbling of the cassette tapes & just knowing when the computer program was ‘loading’

Incidentally this is in the Science Museum, which is exactly the same…
Science Museum


Such a model could work , because its adjustable.ählbar/dp/B01KNX040E/ref=sr_1_3?__mk_de_DE=ÅMÅŽÕÑ&crid=2UHBGQ0D0EPFJ&keywords=Generic%2BFlaschenhalter&qid=1650179694&s=digital-text&sprefix=generic%2Bflaschenhalter%2Cdigital-text%2C76&sr=1-3&th=1

Such a model could work , because its adjustable

Or such one is even better. :smiley:ÅMÅŽÕÑ&crid=8Q9QF9KPTMOP&keywords=flaschenhalter+verstellbar+fahrrad&qid=1650180276&sprefix=flaschenhalter+verstellbar+fahrrad%2Caps%2C79&sr=8-164