Soundcore Mini 3 Support?

Hi all.

I have a Soundcore Mini 3 Bluetooth Speaker - but can’t find any documentation online (I can only find the Mini 1 officially, & the Mini 2 via online Google search)

Is there an official support page? (I have used the support pages and not found either Mini 2 or 3 speakers)

Thank you

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what kind of support are you looking for? we can generally help for most issues you may experience

Nothing specific, I tend to find the little info booklets to be a bit small to view/read.

Admittedly there isn’t much need to read them, but still good to have online support/info

I can’t even see the product on Anker/Soundcore website (only rather much older Mini 1)

yea they are not too good at updating their website to include all their newest products. as far as support goes, as I mentioned almost anyone here can help with any questions and i know @Chiquinho also has this speaker so he can add some input aswell

Rob, my Mini 3 speaker has been “stolen” at Christmas (daughter). :rofl:

I tested it, was perfect. Really good bass.
I took a look at the manuals, when unpacking with the monkeys, all perfect.

I wrote a little review.

But I have to say I didn’t use the app. no need and not possible - > (LINUX)

So I dont know what to tell more about,

Manual, unfortunately it is in Japanese. You’ll have to copy/paste lines of it into translator.

How i found it:

Searched for Soundcore Mini 3, found FCC.
FCC didn’t have the manual but that told me the product code was A3119
Anker tends to upload to China and Japan before rest of the world, so searched Anker Japan
Modified the URL of another product (guessing basically)

Soundcore, if you want to hide your manual you need to do better!

Did this break the ToS?

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Thanks, will get Google Lens on it :grin:

@Chiquinho likely has the Europe manual which is usually English then other languages. A good camera photo may be best option now.

This manual got only pictograms.
But I can do a copy, if there is really a need

Perhaps a toy monkey pointing to the manual?

No wait, not a photo competition.

The monkeys were reading the manual very carefully when we “unpacked”.
Of course I can ask the chief engineer to point at very important sections! :laughing:

Hi @Zolitare,

The old soundcore site on the us is still up, and has the manual,

Link below

Soundcore mini 3 manual - english


Well done!

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