Soundcore Model Zero Deal is back! $139.99 (regular $199.99)

Soundcore Model Zero Bluetooth Speaker is available for a deal at $139.99 after clipping Amazon coupon for $60

Product description

Soundcore Model Zero


Hear it. Feel it.

At Soundcore, we break the illusion that the best sound is out of reach, stuck behind enormous tags or decades of brand heritage.Incredible sound is at your fingertips and it’s ready to move you.


An extraordinary harmony of sound and design that elevates wireless audio performance to new heights.

Transducers Designed by SCANSPEAK enable Model Zero to deliver Hi-Res sound with quality that was previously only possible from a complete home system.

Seamless aesthetics round off a flawless sonic and visual experience that has to be seen and heard to be believed.


Unprecedented Wireless Sound

With its harmony of ‘Transducers Designed by SCANSPEAK’ and Hi-Res Audio certification, Model Zero sets a new benchmark for wireless sound. Finally, it is possible for a wireless speaker to deliver the jaw-dropping clarity and definition that was previously only possible with full sound systems.


Hi-Res Audio

Model Zero is certified to play higher-than-CD quality sound. Thanks to its higher sampling rate, music has more nuance and depth and is breathtakingly close to what your favorite artists intended you to hear.


Exquisite Design

A seamless form crafted from premium materials; Model Zero is designed to look as good as it sounds. Its integrated handle is a harmonious element of its form; rather than an afterthought, it was an integral part of the design from the moment of conception.


IPX-5 Water-Resistant

Come rain, shine, or wine, Model Zero’s IPX5 water-resistant rating makes it impermeable to wet weather and splashes.


Dual Bluetooth Connectivity

Connect via two Bluetooth devices at the same time and allow two people to compose the performance simultaneously.


Soundcore App

Using the Android and iOS app Model Zero’s sound can be completely customized via its electronic equalizer to suit your tastes and music

Crafted Design: Model Zero’s design is not only aesthetic, it integrates seamless portability and positions the Scan-Speak drivers in an optimal orientation for sublime, room-filling sound.

Hi-Res Audio Certified: Model Zero is certified to play better-than-CD quality sound. Thanks to its higher sampling rate when using a physical connection, music has more nuance and depth and is breathtakingly close to what your favorite artists the way they intended you to hear.

Transducers Designed by SCANSPEAK: For over 45 years Scan-Speak has been designing transducers that offer unrivaled sound quality. And now, for the very first time, their “Transducers Designed by SCANSPEAK” are being used in The Model Series of wireless speakers.

BassUp Technology: Engineered with exclusive BassUp technology to ensure each hit of bass sounds more intense, more refined, and crystal-clear. Feel each spine-tingling pulse of your favorite music.

Made to Move: Model Zero is not designed to simply sit on a shelf. Its seamless handle is an invitation to take awe-inspiring sound wherever you want to hear it. With 10 hours of playtime and IPX5 water-resistance, it is ready to beautify any indoor or outdoor space.


This is a real great speaker.
At the moment I am listening to.

Its different from all the other models.
More for indoor use (weight and measurement),
though it is IPX-5.

cons: You need a separate, special charger!!!

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Separate special charger!? Maybe a usb-C model soon?

Dont think so
“Power Dreams”

This charger is aa special, one, plug looks like this.


Yep, the charger was my biggest criticism when I reviewed mine, no USB-C but essentially a old school laptop charger :frowning_face:

But we can live with. :wink:

I did find a barrel plug that fits and works with baterypacks, but none if Ankers currently can handle it. But there is an upcoming one that will hopefully work, I hope to get my hands on it to test out when its released

Nice deal, thanks for sharing!

Zolo Mojo also has similar kind of charger plug, these are kind of the old Nokia phone chargers but with higher power rating.

I dont know the reason the ZERO needs such a charger.
But if so, OK.

may be a refresh of the model with USB-C would be a good thing, but this may bump up the price since now Soundcore will also need to add a small power brick with it…

I don’t think there will be a change.
The ZERO is a phantastic speaker which doesn’t sell well.

I’d love to, but with Jane as I’ll as she is, I couldn’t justify a spend like that … Not that I have that sort of money… I have 8.50 on Amazon credits from surveys, that’s it! Not even my 13.00 on PayPal credits would help (again from surveys).

At that amount, I’d have to be doing a.paid survey every few minutes for a.couple weeks and not all the surveys pay? Best make that three weeks :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

USB-C please! I’m living in the future :sunglasses:

Hopefully Soundcore team is listening :ear:

The Model Zero speaker is recharged via a mains power adapter with barrel connector that inputs a maximum of 1.2A and outputs 3A at 15V. So essentially 45w, and while sure USB-C can output this kind of power not everyone has a wall plug or makes one that can deliver the type of switching power that this requires

I have a shelf in my office that would look great on, but I have 0 need for any more speakers lol