Soundcore Model Zero - Z5180 “Review”

Soundcore customer support team very generously provided me a Model Zero for testing.
One word to describe this speaker’s performance is “ WOW

Unboxing Experience:
This speaker comes in a rather large box and has a nice weight. Box is a classic white blue paper box.

Inside you will find a happy/not happy card, a safety information card and a quick start guide. Of course the speakers are there along with a nice box that contains AC adapter (with folding plug) and 2 additional adapter plugs (European and Asian type). Connector is a barrel type connector.

The Speaker is very attractive and has a nice weight to it. In the front it has Soundcore logo. At back there is a connection port (covered by rubber door for water proofing) with Aux in and a DC barrel connector.
On the right side there is a power button with a led indicator and a microphone port. On top part of speaker are 5 buttons (Bassup, -, Soundcore, + and Bluetooth) that controls various functions of the speakers.
Underside of the speaker where it rests is a rubberized part with specs and s/n engraved.

Audio: 2 x 63mm Woofer, 2 x 19 mm Tweeter, 2 Passive Radiators
Output: 60 W, Total Harmonic Distortion <= 1% “Hi-Res Audio Certified”
Connectivity: Bluetooth Version 5.0 (Supports HFP, A2DP, AVRCP); Aux In
Range: 20m / 66ft
Battery Playtime: 10 hours ( This speaker has 2 x 18650 batteries inside, 7.2V, 3350 mAh “Total 24.12 Wh” capacity )
Charging time: 3 hours
Charging Input: 15V / 3A
Waterproofing: IPX5
Microphone: Integrated
Dimensions: 256 x 128 x 240mm
Weight: 1955g

Sound Quality:
I am very pleased with the sound quality of this speaker. It produces a thumping bass response with excellent midrange and treble. Even at full volume there is absolutely no distortion. It produces 60 Watt output which is great for any purpose (party, outdoor gathering, etc.).

Simultaneous connection to 2 devices:
Soundcore Model Zero can connect to 2 devices at once. When 2 devices are simultaneously connected, and one is playing, the other can override the previous connection and play their music. This is an awesome feature and great for playing DJ in a party.

Phone call quality:
I have no complaints for the phone call quality. Either party had no issues with call quality. Although it is unlikely that you will use this feature a lot but its good to know that it’s there when needed.

Soundcore App:
This speaker can be used with or without soundcore app. Using soundcore app presents extra options of various equalizer settings, updating firmware, turning on/off Bassup, volume control, play/pause, etc.

Power Supply:
This speaker comes with a Switching Mode Power Supply.
Input: 100-240V ~50/60Hz 1.2A max
Output: 15.0V, 3.0A

Audio Graphs:
The speaker has a CSR (Qualcomm) bluetooth chip (QCC3007) but still don’t support AptX.
QCC3007 Specs:

Bluetooth 5.0
Dual-mode Bluetooth
Bluetooth Profiles:
HFP v1.7
A2DP v1.3
Qualcomm® cVc™ audio technology
Qualcomm TrueWireless™ Technology
Digital Microphone Input:1 digital mic
Channel Output: Stereo

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