Soundcore Motion B - $17

This looks like a previous generation product, since I can’t find it on the current site, but for $17 I think it qualifies as a steal.

How fast does new technology change? Is there a huge difference between this and the Q version in terms of sound quality?

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I can’t compare the deference between the Q and B, but I can say that technology changes very quickly. I’m sure that there is a fairly significant change.

Despite whatever technology “advancements”, I believe the Motion B was released after the Motion Q (I own both).

For some reason, the Motion B is very elusive and is absent from many areas of Anker and Soundcore.

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Woah dats cheap! I thi k the Q is probably way better but I havent tried them both so :man_shrugging:t3:

I noticed that I couldn’t find it anywhere on the website either. So assumed it was older, but the price history listing only seems to go back about a year, so probably not that old unless the listing was rearranged at some point.