Soundcore Motion Boom fluctuating bass


I recently purchased 2 Motion Booms and both have a problem where, with certain tracks, the bass fluctuates in loudness. It sounds as if the bass sometimes disappears on a single beat and then kicks back in. It’s always at exactly the same points in the tracks and other comparable speakers do not have this issue. The problem seems to only be present at somewhat lower volumes (< 50%).

Both speakers are on the latest firmware (00.35) and I’ve tried resetting them, but without luck.

I’ve searched online and found that some other people are experiencing the same issue with different Soundcore speakers, but didn’t find any solutions. I’ve also contacted support about this issue, but they couldn’t help me apart from the usual tips like charging the speaker, resetting it etc…

A speaker reviewer showed the same issue in the following video:

Have any of you encountered this problem and manage to fix it? I really like everything about this speaker but that one issue totally kills it for me.


The bass on this small speakers is emphasized by software, so this can happen.
Otherwise there will be no bass.
Claro, how such a strong bass can be created by such a small speaker.


I have this speaker but haven’t noticed such a problem.
:thinking: Maybe the reason is the smartphone (have you tried with a different smartphone?) or the music player ?


Yes, I’ve tried with both an Android and an iOS device and both have the problem. The problem is only with a couple of songs though, especially songs with fast beats like psytrance.

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I can’t say I’ve ever noticed that. When I was reading the 1st post, Oluv’s review immediately came to mind (I had obviously already seen it). He’s the only one that I remember saying that.

TBH he’s not my favorite reviewer. I like the audio he plays from the equipment he reviews, but I can’t say I usually agree with his take on it.

The thing is we are playing compressed music, wireless. I don’t expect it to be exactly like I’m listening to a $20,000+ audio system in an acoustically perfect room. I also don’t try to pick apart my music with a microscope looking for any tiny imperfection, I try to enjoy it. Personally, I’ve always been extremely happy with my Booms.

To each, their own.

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Hi, would you mind sharing some of the song titles / artists that are the ones you are testing with (either for Spotify or amazon music)?

I’d be curious to see if the triplets (flare 2s x3) can replicate, or even if the twins can do (flare minis in tws)

I could check this weekend :thinking:

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The “beat” is faster than the algorithm.:rofl:

This issue i believe comes because of the custom eq. generally in pretuned speakers any different volume have a different eq so you have to set your custom eq with less bass for low volumes end some more tremble!

There’s reports of the passive sides getting stuck and thus reducing bass, worse when speaker used longer periods, worse in warmer conditions (rubber gets sticky).

In some reports Soundcore admitted it was a fault in the first released batch so you should seek a warranty swap.

Depending on if you can could have got a discount such as the Prime Day offers you may find it faster to buy another and return original but as probably owned too long probably have to do a warranty swap.