Soundcore Motion Boom - Frequency Measurements

For anyone curious, here’s an approximate frequency response measurement of the Motion Boom in my Custom EQ setting. Microphone was around 3 feet (1 meter) away from the speaker. This was not recorded with any special microphone so do not take this as the exact measurement, but it at least looks pretty close to what it sounds like it would be. If I were to put it in simple numbers, the frequency response seen here is approximately 50hz-18khz. Which is really really good.

First, here is my EQ setting.

And here is the frequency measurement.

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I don’t have a frequency response hardware but I know physics. The room you are in will cause a difference resonance across the range. Ask any opera singer the room is half the story.

I think when professionals do this they do it in a sound-absorbing-surface room so its only direct non-reflected sound picked up.

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Hmmm interesting thanks for sharing it

Thanks for sharing

You are correct. That’s why I call it approximate :wink:

Of course it is, the room, the location of the speaker etc.
One of the most important things in a room swallowing sound are curtains.

Very cool experiment, wondering if you could do an iteration or two with different rooms or placements?

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Good idea. I was thinking that too. I’m really busy lately so I will when I do finally have some free time again :laughing:

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This is very important.
Best would be an absolutely empty and soundproof room.
But who has such one? :laughing:

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An anechoic chamber… hrm… one at uni here but alas no access…

I’d be surprised unless anyone has, unless they have a home studio.

And that would be a different kind of fun…


There is a lot of snow outside, that can create a very good “chamber” for no echo. I will try that when I have a chance.


Are there no snowbirds disturbing. :rofl:
Snow here too but it would be too cold for any tests outside.
Better stay in the house and keep the butts warm. :grinning:

That would be fun to do, just be careful not to have it fall in.

We haven’t got much more snow here since the big dump back in November.