Soundcore Motion Boom. Outdoor unpacking and first impressions

Not far ago I received my prize for winning Monthly Leaderboard (thanks, @Hannah and @sean.L )
The first thing I did noticed when received speaker was statement printed on the box: “Extreme Outdoor Sound”. The statement made me to decide to go for an outdoor unpacking. So I was waiting for a good weather for a while and finally did outdoor unpacking.

Soundcore Motion Boom is securely packed in nice box that definitely attracts attention.

Content of the box:
Soundcore Motion Boom Speaker
USB Type-C charging cable
Some paperwork

Soundcore Motion Boom is perfectly sized, well built and has large comfortable handle.

On the top of speaker can be found number of buttons:
Bluetooth (5.0)
Volume Down/Up with multifunction button in the middle
Power On/Off
TWS (for linking with another speaker to make stereo pair).

On the back of the speaker there are two ports covered by rubber cover:
USB Type-C for charging speaker
USB Type-A for using speaker as a power bank

I turned speaker on and connected it to my Android phone. Sound out of the box was an excellent (it was better with BassUp on). I don’t like bass oriented sound so the default sound fitted me extremely well. Motion Boom is supported by Soundcore APP so those who prefer more bass can easy adjust EQ settings to find perfect sound. There are 4 preset EQ schemes in the APP, but it’s possible to create Custom EQ scheme as well.

Motion Boom is really loud. I expected it will be louder than my Flare 2, but the Max volume exceeded my expectations. I don’t think I will be able to play music at max volume inside my apartment without disturbing my neighbors.

Excellent sound
High Max Volume
Nice looking with comfortable handle
Good Bluetooth connectivity
Can be used as Power bank
N/A at the moment

I am impressed by Soundcore Motion Boom and seriously thinking about to purchase second one to make Stereo pair of those.
Thanks for reading.
Have a nice day.


Check out the next app 2.9.7

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Nice review and pics, thanks @VertigoXX.

I am really torn on what speaker to purchase next. There have been a lot of discussions on community pages recently about the Motion Boom, the Motion + and the Flare 2. I guess I just have to weigh up what my actual use case will be and make my decision from there.


I see your threads, interest in Mini Pro, which is Mini 3 + Lights.

Are you interested in lights? I think you aren’t as you also asked for disabling Flare Mini lights.

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I suppose that Mini 3 pro hast the same features as the Mini 3.
Difference is the light organ.
For those who are fond of those lights it should be the perfect model.
It can be bought here in Müncnen for 29,99 Euros.


Don’t have Montion+, but I have Motion Boom and Flare 2. Need some time to try those side by side to decide on andvatages of them.

I’m not so interested in the lights, as I find that a bit gimmicky and just an extra drain on the battery. I will be thinking long and hard about which speaker to purchase next. I love the form factor of the original Anker SoundCore (model A3102), but the battery doesn’t last long these days.

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I really like my Motion Booms. I think they are the Best Soundcore products I own.

Don’t get me wrong, the Q35 and L3P are great in their own right, but 2 Booms in TWS are really quite nice.


They do look good, and I’m sure they sound awesome, but they look a tad large for sitting on my desk…


I use them on my porch all Summer long and I think they are just right.

There’s 1 next to my cat. Bob Seger Turn The Page was playing and he jumped up on the railing. Who says he doesn’t have great taste in music? :grin:

Two on my dresser. They aren’t unwieldy.


@VertigoXX, I’m sure you already get the idea, but 2 Motion Booms is better than 1. It’s cool when you can set one as your Right Channel as the other as your Left Channel and space them out. :+1:

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