Soundcore Motion Boom Plus - Early Review

I just recieved the Motion Boom Plus, and I thought i’d share my early opinion here.

Physically, the speaker is lightweight, sturdy, and big. The carrying strap is convenient, as is the handle. You can remove the strap. The Motion Boom Plus resembles what it’s name might suggest- a plus sized version of the Motion Boom. Though it does have silk dome tweeters, which the Motion Boom did not have.

The speaker is loud- 50% volume fills medium to large rooms. It is a nicely balanced sound with a deep yet controlled bass and clean mids and highs.

The Soundcore App allows for Custom EQ settings, and works quite well. I was able to put a lot more life into the sound with it, and the speaker handled additional bass quite well, with only some distortion with the bass maxed out on the EQ and playing songs above 50% volume.


Nice size difference

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Thanks for sharing. Looks like a Boom on steroids. :rofl:

I look forward to hearing your take on it after you’ve had a chance to listen to it far a little while.

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Great to see the difference in size.
There is a “true PLUS” :smiley:
bass distortion is normal when increasing basses (all created by software)

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Nice review. Nice photos describing size difference

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Nice… boom envy… :flushed:

Good photos for comparison, have you tried any pairing with other devices? Oops speakers…

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Is it as loud as what I’m sat next to currently?


That’ll be pretty loud!!!

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