Soundcore Motion Boom Plus Firmware .39 (& bonus EQ settings)

I just installed the latest .39 firmware update for my motion boom plus, the only notes were “bug fixes”. Has anyone else downloaded or noticed potentially any further DSP changes? I did see that the Soundcore Signature EQ preset is different now (this probably happened with a previous firmware update) and seems somewhat in line with Alan Ross’ .36 firmware EQ.

For those interested, I’ve got a decent EQ right now but I’m still struggling to dial in the upper-low to mids (300hz to 2.5khz) at lower volume levels. I swear it’s the titanium woofers, A/B against my motion+ it’s like things are under driven at low levels with the motion boom plus, effortless on the motion+ but kind of forced on the boom plus. Curious to hear others thoughts.

My EQ: 70hz: +2, 150hz: -3, 300hz: 0, 600hz: +2, 1.2khz: +1, 2.5khz: -1, 5khz: 0, 9khz: -1, 14khz: +6.

Alan Ross’ EQ wasn’t as open and transparent as I like, so this was an effort to open up the soundstage for the mids and treble by reducing the 70hz - 300hz range relative to his values, hollowing out the overfull 300hz - 600hz range, and brightening the top end now that the 6khz peak is gone for sparkle and openness

Meanwhile we all know that eq adjustments are very individual.
If I tell you mine, you will not like, because you are listening to another kind of music. :smiley:
And I alter my adjustments from time to time.

I don’t use the app.
My stationary speakers are connected to a laptop.
There I run a program called PulseEffects which has a plenty of things to play around with.
(Too many :smile:)
The eq has 30 frequencies to adjust.
(Starts from 23 Hz ends at 19,7 kHz)

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Nice to see they put out an update.