Soundcore Motion Boom Plus Firmware .39 (& bonus EQ settings)

I just installed the latest .39 firmware update for my motion boom plus, the only notes were “bug fixes”. Has anyone else downloaded or noticed potentially any further DSP changes? I did see that the Soundcore Signature EQ preset is different now (this probably happened with a previous firmware update) and seems somewhat in line with Alan Ross’ .36 firmware EQ.

For those interested, I’ve got a decent EQ right now but I’m still struggling to dial in the upper-low to mids (300hz to 2.5khz) at lower volume levels. I swear it’s the titanium woofers, A/B against my motion+ it’s like things are under driven at low levels with the motion boom plus, effortless on the motion+ but kind of forced on the boom plus. Curious to hear others thoughts.

My EQ: 70hz: +2, 150hz: -3, 300hz: 0, 600hz: +2, 1.2khz: +1, 2.5khz: -1, 5khz: 0, 9khz: -1, 14khz: +6.

Alan Ross’ EQ wasn’t as open and transparent as I like, so this was an effort to open up the soundstage for the mids and treble by reducing the 70hz - 300hz range relative to his values, hollowing out the overfull 300hz - 600hz range, and brightening the top end now that the 6khz peak is gone for sparkle and openness

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Meanwhile we all know that eq adjustments are very individual.
If I tell you mine, you will not like, because you are listening to another kind of music. :smiley:
And I alter my adjustments from time to time.

I don’t use the app.
My stationary speakers are connected to a laptop.
There I run a program called PulseEffects which has a plenty of things to play around with.
(Too many :smile:)
The eq has 30 frequencies to adjust.
(Starts from 23 Hz ends at 19,7 kHz)


Nice to see they put out an update.

Just heard back from customer support RE firmware 00.39 in case anyone was curious:

“Please know we didn’t change the sound of Motion Boom Plus speaker with the new firmware. The firmware 00.39 was designed to update the automatic shutdown time set by the APP, we added 60 minutes automatic shutdown time for this speaker.”

Rest the Soundcore Motion Boom Plus Speaker by the following steps:

  1. Turn on your Motion Boom Plus Speaker.
  2. Press simultaneously on both, the Bluetooth button and the Volume Up button between 5-8 seconds until your device restarts.
  3. Connect your device to the speaker via the Bluetooth connection and open Soundcore App and choose Motion Boom Plus Speaker.
    Now you should see all the EQ profiles that come built in within the Soundcore App.