Soundcore Motion Boom Plus vs JBL Xtreme 3, Motion Boom & Motion Plus (Antwan Review)

Soundcore Motion Boom Plus vs JBL Xtreme 3, Motion Boom & Motion Plus

Here’s a nice review of the Motion Boom Plus on New Stuff TV (Antwan).


Nice to see another vid from Antwan. Good comp and also funny theory on how the motion boom plus came to be

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Nice review. Thanks for sharing.


Love Antwan’s reviews. Thanks for sharing!

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Both Motion Plus & Motion Boom Plus sounds too open & with good clarity on highs because of the presence of tweeters, however the Motion Boom sounds very much okay for its size especially on the lows(deep bass) but the highs sounds muffled & the clarity suffers it too, in my opinion it would have been a perfect ground breaking speaker if Soundcore had added two tweeters of at least about 5 watts each(10 watts total), total power will now be 40 watts, this i know will definitely get the price tag a bit higher & battery life a bit shorter but who says you can’t get what would’ve been a perfect speaker by Anker Soundcore at about $120, battery life of 20 hrs

I just got one Motion Boom, i’m highly impressed by the deep bass(lows), a bass you can actually feel on such a small speaker, wow! value for money, black matte finish, loud…but i’m disappointed on the highs (sounds muffled) no tweeters even after using Alan Ross EQ, i’m still not that satisfied with the highs, doesn’t sound that good to me, i need that clarity but good speaker overall i’d say