Soundcore Motion+ Cutting Out First Words in Zoom; Randomly Stops Playing Music, Chimes, and Resumes

My Soundcore Motion+ speaker has, and has always had, 2 problems.

They occur regardless of whether the speaker is fully charged or lower on battery life.

I almost entirely use the speaker with an auxiliary cable as my laptop does not have Bluetooth. It is very occasionally used with the Bluetooth or auxillery on other devices, but rarely enough that I am not sure if this problem occurs with those other devices.

  • When in Zoom meetings, the speaker does not play the first several words that each person says, sometimes cutting an entire sentence or more. This does not occur with other speakers, only the Soundcore.

  • When listening to music or watching Netflix, the speaker will sometimes cut out, play a little chime, and then resume – but in the meantime the show or the music has kept playing and I’ve missed several seconds of audio. Sometimes this happens so frequently that the speaker is unusable. Other times it plays for hours with no issues. Again, this doesn’t happen with our other speakers, only the Soundcore Motion+.

Any advice on this would be appreciated. Thanks!