Soundcore motion + firmware update version 57.38

I have tried to update my motion plus from the current - 37.38 to 57.38 firmware. But it won’t work. App says the update is completed. But after is showing the same update message again and the old firmware version also.

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May be confused, I’d uninstall app, delete pairing, reset speaker and reboot phone, then pair, install app login and look again.

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How to reset the speaker


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Anybody received this update and installed it already?

Thank you I’ll try

I agree with @The_Professor. Resetting and/or restarting the device is always the first thing to try

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Update finished. But still showing that same notification “firmware update”. Version is not changed also.

I wonder if going into setting and clearing the cache may help. I am not sure data would need deleted as well.

They have sent a new update version 39.39. It worked. Thank you for the support.

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Motion+ and Motion Boom are different products, I’d expect them to be running different firmware.

I misread the post.

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Bro i have the same issue, how did you fix that?