Soundcore motion + hissing & music delay

Bought two motion + speakers off amazon to pair up as stereo surround sound.

When no music is playing I can hear hissing sounds coming from the tweeters and connection between the two speakers isn’t very stable, drops in and out a lot.

Also, with regards to playing music there’s a good 2/3 second delay between pressing play from my device and music playing from the speakers.

Anyone else experience this?

Shouldn’t be happening from a speaker at this price point surely!


Sadly this is a hardware problem that a few soundcore products have been having. I would contact support at

Good luck!

Never had any issues so far with my Motion+ and getting it on two purchased at the same time seems quite weird…is the firmware at the latest revision in the app?

As suggested by @TechMan it would be worth dropping a email with you’re issues for assistance under your warranty…

It does seem strange for sure! It’s making me consider sending them back which I’d rather not do as the sound quality is pretty excellent.

I’ve contacted soundcore, this was their response;

Thank you for reaching out to Anker customer service. So sorry to know you are having problems with SoundCore Motion+ speaker. Be assured, we always stand behind our product.

Regarding the hissing noise,after checking with our engineer, please note if you put the speaker near your ear, you will hear current related hiss as the component in speaker is working after you turn on the speaker even if you don’t play music, and due to this speaker has total output power 30W, so the hiss might be more noticeable than other speaker with small output power. But normally the volume for this noise shall be <= 30dBA at 30 cm distance and it normally will not affect the normal use. For your situation, please let us know the hiss happens when you put the speaker near your ear or it’s very noticeable even if you put the speaker on the desk, you can still hear the hiss?

Regarding the issue of taking about 2/3 seconds for music to start playing, if possible to provide us the firmware version you have? You could get the firmware version via SoundCore App, please see attached screenshot.

Regarding your inquiry about the stereo mode and double volume boost when two are paired together, per the feedback from engineer, please note there’s no way switch as when you have two speakers TWS pairing, the speakers are in stereo mode and double volume boost at the same time.

Looking forward to your reply, and have a wonderful day

I have the exact same problem. How Anker solves the problem?

yes i have same problems at all, but hissing is not making me annoying, it is not too much.

I’ve got the same problems with my stereo pair (FW ver. 34.38) connected to my Mac, but I would to clarify by priority:

  1. 2-3 seconds of muting (not actually delay) after start of video playback. It’s very annoying. The issue exist only with a video playback (youtube videos for example).

  2. Connection between the two speakers isn’t very stable, a lot of one or two channel drops and loud clicks when units synchronize back. I noticed it mostly during a video playback.

  3. Up to 500ms delay between audio and video streams. Hope it can be reduced via the firmware.

  4. Pretty loud hissing in Idle state - That’s the proper time for the power amp to be disabled automatically, and it will save a lot of battery charge.

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Video synchronization is a known issue with bluetooth in general - unless the system playing the video knows the latency and compensates for it, that will happen. And for the most part, phones and computers all treat audio outputs very similarly as having no latency.

Hissing in idle state is more of a problem, hopefully you can contact support and get that handled.

Has your problem finally been solved? Especially interested in the hissing.

Afraid not. I sent them to their UK factory and they were returned back to me with the exact same problem.

I’ve had to shell out for a new pair (still expecting Soundcore to refund me for the previous pair I’ve had to send back again but no refund as of yet, which is frustrating as it feels like I’ve had to shell out for 4 speakers instead of 2 so far).

Arrived late today so currently on charge and will test our the new pair in a stereo set up tomorrow and see how they do. Hopefully the new set will be okay. If not, another strong worded email to Soundcore on the way.

Their service is great but doesn’t meant I can’t be annoyed at receiving faulty products!

My replacement arrives in 2 days hopefully. I can reassure, the service is great, I am impressed by their kindness and speed.
I don’t care too much about the delay, but the hissing drives me crazy.
Please keep us updated about your experiences with the new devices!

Just tested out the new set very quickly. Unfortunately have already heard a few connection drop outs when paired in stereo mode.

Seems a shame. Amazing speakers but can’t seem to hold a strong connection between each other in stereo mode.

Strange when considering my Soundcore flare mini’s, tronsmart element force’s & ear fun u booms are flawless in stereo mode despite having no where near the capability of the motion +.

What about the hissing?

Ohh…Pfff… mine has arrived… the hissing is still there with the new device… :frowning:

Could you check please whether your new devices have the hissing? Mine is arrived and I can hear the same noise from the tweeters, on the same level as with the previous one.

Hissing is no issue for me. There’s a slight background hiss in the speakers but that’s expected for a Bluetooth speaker with a 30w output so not really an issue I find. I guess it depends how loud the hiss is and how much it bothers you, I can only hear it if I literally put my ear directly next to the speaker with nothing playing, which I won’t really be doing.

Plus, I play my speakers at loud volumes. If you’re a low level listening and there’s still a noticeable hiss when listening, then you’re going to have an issue. But I don’t personally hear that even on low levels.

So no hiss problems for me. My problem is the two speakers constantly dropping in and out when paired in stereo mode which is unbearable.

Mine started to do possibly the same thing today. Got it a few days ago, and used it for 3-4 hours for the odd bit of music, YouTube videos and a couple of games.
Connected it to my PC using an AUX cable yesterday as the game has a known issue with crashing when Bluetooth is used.
Fine up to this afternoon when I switched it on, and the tweeters are making a “hissing” noise. Sort of like the static when you aren’t tuned into a radio station in your car.
Noticeable all the time, although not loud. AUX, BT or just on - the same noise.

I have the issue with the 2-3 second sound delay when starting a video and even when listening to music. I have only one speaker, tried playing from other devices, same issue every time. Other BT speakers I’ve tested do not have this issue, and it’s not an audio latency issue because once the sounds starts it’s not delayed. Firmware is 35.38. I was just wondering if anyone had the same issue? I guess I’ll just have to send mine back

Regarding the hissing noise, mine had that too but what fixed it was to lower the volume of the speaker a bit.

Strange that you got it when listening to just one speaker! Mine only happens in stereo mode. I have no noticeable hissing problem with my new set but still having dropout problems. I’ve managed to incorporate some form of fix which has improved it for sure but still happens every now and again, which ruins the experience.

None of my other speakers have this delay problem, so it’s annoying that my most expensive one does!

Hopefully your replacement is better!