Soundcore Motion+ lack of treble what should i do?

I adjusted the eq according to oluv, alan ross, also eq settings from Mr Cow, but still compare to other speaker Soundcore Morion+ still lacks in treble, i notice it lacks in clarity…

Why are you using the eq settings from some “experts”, create your own!
I use different eq settings for the speakers I am listening to.
But all those setting are created by Franz! :joy:

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It should sound pretty good with a neutral eq adjustment - if you are having to turn up the treble and still don’t feel you are getting what you want, then you may have a speaker issue.

If you think it is bad, return for a replacement. Soundcore support is pretty good about that.

If you think the speaker just isn’t as good as you hoped, than hopefully you are still within the return window.

Good luck!

You see its very difficult to do a satisfying remote diagnosis.
The motion + has tweeters so the treble should be fine.

You should contact the support as @jercox recommended it.
best luck!

I adjusted the Soundcore App costum eq at only 50% volume with my own settings until im satisfied with the sound :slightly_smiling_face:

Then it should have been an problem of the preamp
if two high you get distortions.

This is the one I use, so I can do my adjustings
You see there the preamp (Vorverstärkung) in the first position!
This I would never level up

I have speakers:

  • Nano
  • Mini 2
  • Icon Mini
  • Motion +

(had and gifted away the Mini, Boost)

The clearest for treble and for voice is the Nano but not as loud. I wish it was returned with an IP7X, TWS, USB-C.

The Motion+ I find has a good balanced range of audio, I am using to watch stuff off my laptop, I have the speaker at a low volume a few inches behind my head (which means it is upside down to keep the stereo left/right correct)

I agree with the comments you can always customise to bias to treble just boost the right most columns.

I found this jetAudio HD Music
App where i play my music it has its own eq and preamp adjustment now i can refine the sound that suits me…
Eq settings from Soundcore App + Eq settings from jetAudio App = :heart_eyes:

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I use that mp3 player on the old Samsung tablet I own.
That’s perfect.

So your issues have been solved so far,

Glad you found a setting that works for you, that is all that really matters in the end.


There are always some mysteries around.
A few are being solved but the majority will remain. :wink: