Soundcore motion plus for car audio

I lost my car radio and was looking for the cheapest option to replace it. Since my car audio was never super great to begin with and my car is old I don’t act to invest in it. Recently bought a motion plus and really like the sound. Any one else using it for car audio? Where do you keep it in the car? I tried it on dash, but it started getting hot. Seems to muffle sound a little. Has anyone built a box for it for the car?

I would probably just sit it on the passenger seat or wedge it in on the dashboard (I kept my Motion Boom on the Dashboard of the Golf-cart in the summer without issue).

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Yeah, I tried it in the dash and it worked ok, just issues when I have the heat running the back of it got super hot, also slightly concerned about it sliding out around corners. When it’s on the seat the cushion from the seat dampens the sound drastically. Was.just thinking of making a simple wooden structure for it when it’s on the seat.

Someone wrote about doing this once on here but I believe it was with a flare or flare 2.

Here is one option is to find a case similar to this and then you can set it up at a certain spot…

You can check your cups holder size and could potentially get one or two of the speakers that would fit in the cup holder.

The next question is what is wrong with the radio. It it dead and wont come on or will it come on but will not work on certain options. IF you can get at least a signal for the radio then you you have options. You could get an Roav Viva, set it to a certain station where it is static and play your music from your device to the radio.

Reminder you can place it upside down behind you also. So say at back of car facing forward.

I don’t drive but I place my Motion+ on my bed headboard behind me upside down facing towards me, it’s just the most convenient spot.

Upside down means left is still left right still right stereo.