Soundcore motion plus with Poweramp(FLAC)songs

Hello its been two weeks i have being using poweramp full version with FLAC music can any one of you show me poweramp settings on motion plus speaker with Hi resolution output…which is to be best for motion plus…or make a video of it in YouTube…

I m sure there are no “special settings” for the m + with that Poweramp app (player).

If your player ( Poweramp) can handle Flac-files and your device can do
(check the bitrate and sample rate of the built in audio device),
you can take a look at the specs of the m+ if the speaker can do.
It should be possible of course…

Yup my flac songs(payphone)is playing on 16 bit 44.1khz with hi resolution output

So all is fine.
I am sure the M+ can do
Take a look at VLC this program is free, while Poweramp is not free :wink:

Hmmmm i am using full version cuz i purchased from play store Love from india…

Of course for those who can afford, its OK. :grin:
I could afford, but I like free software
I am a LINUX-Fan.
Retired computer engineer.
That says all I think. :rofl: