Soundcore motion plus

Mine bt speaker suddenly went dead,can I power it by charging cable? What’s odd that I hardly use it,how that the power can drain off from the battery?

I would suggest:

  1. Try to use another cable and charger.
  2. If it’s fully discharged try to charge it with low voltage for a couple of hours. You can do it by charging from USB output of your computer or TV.
  3. If nothing helps, contact Soundvcore customer support
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@Kenpachi_Zaraki Hey there. Sorry to know that your speaker is frozen. In your case, please try the following steps to see if it helps:

  • Try using a different cable and wall charger to fully charge the speaker, then press the power button for 10seconds and for several times to see if that helps.
  • Reset the Motion+ by holding the Bluetooth and Volume+ button at the same time for 5-10S until the Motion+ is restarted

If your issue is unfixed, please contact the customer service at for further assistance.

Make sure there is no debris in the socket.

already open up, there no debris , its home use and lid always close after charging , now finding the replacement battery , a pita to find a similar battery , any links?

There is a 18 Month Warranty on the Motion+. Assuming it’s still under warranty, I’d contact customer service in the link already given in an earlier post.
Edit: Here’s the link:

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