Soundcore Motion+ V Soundcore Flare 2

Anyone done a comparison review between these two?

I can’t seem to find one. Looking to buy 1 or 2 of either but can’t decide which one. Would be good to find a comparison of the 2 speakers to make a choice!

I have a motion+ not the Flare 2., but Flare.

2 Motion + can be paired in stereo mode.
Many Flare 2 in Partycast-mode. :grinning:

The motion + is a heavy and quite bulky speaker.
So I wouldn’t use it for carrying around much.
I suppose the Flare 2 is a little bit bigger than the Flare.
So this speaker might be better for travelling.
I am sure both can be adjusted with a good eq to get a satisfying sound out of both.

I have both.
The Motion+ sounds clearer an gets a bit louder.
The bass on the Flare 2 is a little bit more punchy but with a little distortion at max…
What you must think about, do you need a 360 degree speaker?
Do you want to stereo connect, or is Partycast with more and different speakers more needfull?
Because if you dont need 360 or Partycast, the Motion+ is the better one.


This is a big factor to consider. I tried watching a movie in the living room with family and 360 sound doesn’t do as great of a job as directed audio

Also in case anyone is new and doesn’t know what exactly is PartyCast, it is basically a technology where you can connect/pair speakers together and sync audio from them without the left-right channel. Good for parties where you can place speakers in different parts of the room or if you want to have music running in your home like kitchen, backyard, etc. at the same time.

I agree with this. Many flares for parties, but the motion probably has better sound with just one.


So does Partycast only turn stereo into mono and all speakers get the same mono?

Or can Partycast allow you to direct left or right or mono on a per speaker basis? E.g. to get volume have 2 speakers on left channel and 2 speakers on right channel and say 1 speaker mono?

Pretty much. Partycast isn’t for left-right channel when you want to watch a movie or something. The speaker might still try to give us a left-right stereo effect but it will be on each speaker (if that makes sense). So you will never get a true stereo sound under partycast


Good to know.

So Partycast is for a geographic disbursement of mono.

You still need to buy two speakers with stereo pairing for geographic disbursement of stereo.

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Yep that’s correct. That’s the reason I would like them to rename their products and have 2 different versions - partycast and stereo

Idk how feasible that is but it doesn’t have to be something they do for all the products but some would be nice

I didn’t know flare 2 was only mono on both of you had 2 paired… motion is / seems bigger though… oh the choices…

I’d maybe lean towards the one better priced…

I don’t have Flare 2 so can’t be 100% certain but you know how 1 speaker can give you a “stereo” effect? I think Flare 2 could do that when paired via partycast but the caveat is that it wouldn’t be true stereo. It would be each of those trying stereo on their own. So if you have 2 of them in front of you (little farther apart from each other) you could (again not 100% sure) hear both giving you a “stereo” effect

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When using my two “normal” Flares it has really a true stereo, divided in the two channels.
I can check this easy by adjusting the balance


Suppose that two speakers connected in the partycast mode don’t divide the channels that way.
Same output on both.
So there is not such a real stereo effect which we used to know.

You are right one speaker has some kind of “stereo”.
eg. The motion + has 4 speakers mounted :
2 bass and 2 tweeters so a left and right channel as output is realized.
But a real stereo effect can only be realized by using two speakers connected in that stereo mode.

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Yeah so…I’m none the wiser.

The problem is the speakers are completely different.
Each one has his pro’s.
I wanted to send one back after testing wich is better.
But now i keep both :sweat_smile: .

Motion+ is louder, better sound, and two of them can pair in stereo mode where one acts as left channel and one as right channel.
Limitations: you can only pair two. Output is directional (not 360 sound). They are more expensive.

This would probably be a great speaker for listening to high quality music with a smallish group of people on a couch.

Flare 2 is cheaper for sound that is still pretty loud and clear. It can put out 360 sound (transmitted in all directions), and can pair with basically an unlimited number of other Flare 2s or other Partycast supporting speakers.
Limitations: that pairing puts out the same sound (the full stereo track, it isn’t clipped or mono) on every speaker. So no sense of direction to the sound, which limits immersion sometimes.

This is better for a bigger group of people dispersed, or outside in the park where you just want the music audible everywhere without turning the volume way up.

The Flare 2 has lights. Whether that counts for or against is personal preference.

Does that help now?

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Good and useful comprehension! :grinning:

I like the flare 2 better. Those lights are really nice.