Soundcore Party Speaker

You guys know how JBL have their line up party speakers, the 100, 700 and 1000. I know Soundcore has their Rave series. But I would like to see them try to build their own version of the larger Partyboxes. I’m pretty sure they can build one that’s as good for less money.

What does the rest think?


I never used “big speakers”.
For my tiny pensioner’s office 2 flara minis are enough.
To blast really big rooms (halls) I would use other equipment.

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Ah understood, I do find myself using larger speakers often since I’m also a musician etc. But sometimes getting out a PA for Just a night of karaoke isn’t really that’s great

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OK a musician.
I was a drummer 50 years ago! :smile:
So you know how to handle the sound of big halls. :smiley:

I never got my hand on those Raves, but maybe these can do for your demands.
But for such performance (Karaoke) you need a good mic connected to a laptop/PC
this indicates an input jack. (phone will not do)


Wow that’s awesome. And yes hou make a good point. Do you still play the drums by any chance?

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they do offer the rave mega. while i havent purchased or even looked much into their specs. they are quite a sizeable speaker, capable of party casting…

edit: i guess the mega no longer available… and only 80w vs 800w of the 1000 series jbl…


I think they still have the Trance as well. I think it just comes down too the need. If they think it is a market they can get into, they will probably do it but if not then they may not do it as it would cost more to do than make…

No, I have my old Ludwig stored here, but I don’t play.:smile:

Maybe I should sell it.

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Ah you’re finally ready to part ways, I’m a guitarist, but I’ve only been playing for the last 3 years so I lack the experience you have haha

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Send your suggestion directly to Soundcore by email

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They went down the route of buy 2+ speakers to get louder.

Arguably a better approach as you place them around to be on average nearer so effectively louder too.

e.g. one speaker 6ft away Vs two speakers 3ft each side is half the average distance so each speaker is 4 times louder, two speakers 8 times louder so if each was no weaker than 1/8th volume then is net louder. That means a level of sound volume from one speaker would not be feasible to be battery operated but say two speakers would be for the equivalent volume.

Also arguably two speakers give better stereo separation, if they support TWS.

E.g. two Motion Boom.

I’d also email Soundcore if any upcoming party speakers coming, they may not share publically.


You might want to look into the Motion Boom+ They can be either TWS (2 of them in Stereo - L and R channels) or Partycast (I’m assuming up to 100).