Soundcore Party Speakers - Differences between Soundcore Trance and Soundcore Rave Mini!

I was going through Party Line Speakers from Soundcore, comparing mostly between the Trance and Rave Mini, the features look more or less the same - except for the shape structure - I like the rave Mini more for the rounded appearance at the edges / corners.

Rave Mini:

  • Party-Starting Sound: Enjoy a huge 80W of sound delivered by a 5.25-inch woofer, 2-inch tweeter, and 5.25-inch passive radiator.
    BassUpTM technology adjusts and intensifies low frequencies in real time for a body-shaking experience.
  • IPX7 Waterproof: The water-tight casing creates an impenetrable seal to keep the music playing, even after full submersion.
  • Beat-Driven Light Show: Rave Mini’s LEDs pulse, phase, and flow in time to the beat to create a dazzling display. Use Light DJ on the Soundcore app to control the lights and switch up your style.
  • 18-Hour Playtime: Go from your yard, to a tailgate, and on to a night of partying at the beach—all on a single change. And if your phone can’t keep up, plug it into the built-in USB port and charge while you play.
  • Soundcore App: Up the stakes with electrifying party games, tailor the EQ and lights, and switch between Indoor and Outdoor sound modes.

Trance :

  • Mesmerizing 80W Sound: Thumping beats and rousing melodies are delivered by a front-facing 5.25-inch woofer and 2-inch tweeter. A custom passive radiator that fills the entire back panel of the party speaker fuels low frequencies.
  • Party Speaker with Room-Shaking Bass: Our exclusive BassUp technology uses a custom algorithm to conduct real-time analysis and instant bass intensification. Even outdoors, you feel the bass surge through your body.
  • Fully Waterproof: Drop Trance party speaker in the deep end or float in the pool—its completely waterproof, IPX7-rated casing keeps the internal components defended at all times.
  • Beat-Driven Light Show: When the beats drop, our custom Party Light algorithm and independent DSP sync the LEDs to the beat. Choose from 5 light modes on the Soundcore app and watch them pulse, flow, and chase each other in harmony with the rhythm.
  • Soundcore App: Choose from 3 party games to get the crowd hyped up. Swipe the screen on LightDJ to remix the LEDs or add sound effects by tapping. Indoor mode balances the sound, while Outdoor mode magnifies the bass for harder-hitting music.


  1. 5 Light Modes, 3 Party Games - LightDJ , Indoor, outdoor modes the difference between the Rave Mini and Trance,… (EDIT - Rave Mini and Trance both have these option)

  2. Shape Structure between Trance (Box shape) Vs Rave Mini (Rounded) corners & edges

  3. Rotating Handle on Trance Vs Fixed Shape Handle on Rave Mini (Thanks @Insider )

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The rotating handle is another difference.

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Nice comparison !! :+1:

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Just received my Rave Mini,

boy is it a beast!!! :grin::ok_hand::+1:

Connected with SoundCore app, it has the LightDJ and all options mentioned in for Trance!!

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Thanks for doing the footwork, both of them are pretty heavy duty speakers.

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Interesting comparison.
Thank you.

Wish I had one.
But may be in the future I get a chance.
Who knows.

Still happy with my two Flares my Zero and my Motion+
A lot of toys for an old man. :joy:


This is the one I was looking for, now I can simply pair Rave Mini with Nebula Capsule for an awesome movie experience!!

The mini series continues… Icon mini, Flare Mini, and now Rave Mini :grin:

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We are always modest.
“Mini” is enough! :joy:

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Well congrats on getting Rave mini did you buy this with $50 coupon?

The downside to pairjng to the nebula is when watching something via the HDMI you lose sound via bluetooth. Or at least I havnt figured out how to get it to play

I use Plex app on Nebula Capsule, not seen any issues with the delay or lost audio, was using earlier with Flare Mini Stereo Paired Or Vizio… Will be testing it with Rave Mini tonight :slight_smile:

I was referring to when using the HDMI port, like hooked up to a chromcast/firestick/or even a laptop. You lose BT audio that way

interesting… i had tried Chromecast with Capsule, and BT connection to Flare Mini, Audio did work through BT

Will try it again today with Chromecast, Capsule and Rave Mini - post updates here :+1:

So they’re literally the same product…is what I’m reading besides modest aesthetics

yes, that is correct, old wine in different bottles! Ever so good :+1:

Shenoy, Rave Mini vs Rave Neo? Rave Mini is on sale for 100 in

Rave Neo is almost comparable to Rave mini in features (almost) , but slimmer profile than Mini, and has PartyCast.

Both are $99… would go for Neo, since it can pair more devices than Rave Mini, and also looks easier / more portable than Mini

Thanks! So between the 50w of the Neo vs the 80w of the Mini there should be no bid diff?

:slight_smile: that is why I said, almost similar… 80W is comparatively louder than 50W, which is again a perceived loudness… unless the expectation is to have a huge blasting music, the loudness will almost be comparable. These are my thoughts, and not a statement :slight_smile:

Rave Neo has better feature than the Rave Mini

  1. With PartyCast in terms of number of speakers that can be grouped
  2. Most useful / important feature for me-- USB-C charging versus DC power for Rave Mini…

Thanks for your message!! I have and ION speaker 50w and is huge and does not have a strap to carry on so in think de Neon should do it. Tks!!