Soundcore Purchase email - should be a receipt

I placed my coupon based order last night, so saw my first soundcore receipt. A few comments:

The paypal receipt was “Fantasia trading company”. Surely you can get this to say soundcore instead, had to double check that I hadn’t been scammed somehow.

The soundcore email just says “your order has been processed”, with an order number and a $ value. But it is not a receipt - no items ordered, individual prices, or the financial details of the transaction.

A receipt should be provided by email when the transaction is complete. That way the customer has a record outside of your system, and can refer back to it to double check accuracy or in case of issues. Right now, a glitch in your system would leave me with no precise record of the items ordered.

I like it and you are correct about wanting to have that transaction receipt to show purchase.

Agreed, I’ve ordered from them before and it was this way when I ordered a couple of years ago. I believe Fantasia Trading Company is the parent company.

Changing the name may not be that easy. From what I can tell they use paypal for both Soundcore and Anker. They may even use it for their other companies when you order directly from those websites.

I pulled this info up on the name. -

Good to know! I haven’t ordered anything yet, but will know what to expect.